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I truly am wondering if we are witnessing the death throes of the Biden regime. The country is being bombarded by a barrage of lies and deceit from Biden and his trusty sidekick KJP.  Biden is shouting his lies all the time, as if a bellicose fusillade of falsehoods will convince you to not pay attention to the man at the wheel but to keep believing in the Captain of the SS Biden. Captain Oblivious spent this afternoon shouting at his celebration of the Inflation Reduction Act.

As of right now, the market is down nearly 1300 points. That’s what Wall St thinks of Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act. It would more accurate were it named the Investment Destruction Act.

It’s so bad that even CNN has to admit it

Biden claimed that his IRA helped reduced inflation


It’s been lots of fun watching the feckless Karine Jean-Pierre stumble her way through the early stages of her job but the fun’s over. The circus is over but refuses to leave town. Karine Jean-Pierre’s propaganda has reached DefCon 1. She’s making Baghdad Bob look like Abe Lincoln. Today was a day to remember, much in the same way as the day the Titanic sunk was a day to remember.

Biden told us that inflation would be transitory and that last month it was zero.  He tells us the border is secure. Afghanistan was a success. 87,000 IRS agents willing to use deadly force on billionaires. Trump is the bad guy. Republicans are a clear and present danger. It’s all nuts. Biden’s integrity hit the iceberg long ago, but finally is slipping beneath the waves.

And the band plays on.

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