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Dark clouds are ahead. We are being browbeaten by liberals about Trump being a dictator to distract you from Biden actually being a dictator. It is one of the current dog whistles on social media. There is a reason for it.

Today Joe Biden launched into a bizarre speech in Pennsylvania in which he pounded on his newly discovered issue of crime and the perennial issue of gun control. It was really weird and often, dishonest. Crime is rampant across the country, Pennsylvania included. Philly has seen over 300 homicides this year. Philly is far more dangerous than the rest of Pennsylvania despite Philly DA Larry Krasner asserting that Philly does not have a crime crisis. But Biden did not bring that up. Instead, he began whispering and shouting in fits and starts.

He shouted about funding the police.

That’s not going to go well with The Squad

House ‘Squad’ members unveil bill to defund police and give reparations

It wasn’t just them

Biden himself said he would “absolutely” divert some funds from the police

Joe Biden said in an interview Wednesday that some funding should “absolutely” be redirected from police, amid calls from some in his party to “defund the police” in the wake of the protests across the country.


Then it was guns and this is where it got really weird

Huh? I don’t know about an F15 but I do know where $7 billion in US weapons was abandoned.

But this one…

Biden is and always has been an inveterate liar. Some things never change

“…killing several police officers in the meantime.”

Utter bullsh*t. Two people died that day- Ashli Babbit and Roseanne Boyland, both at the hands of the Capitol Police.

The weirdness continued unabated

Well he could, but Joe has not once gone to Eagle Pass, let alone the border, to witness the sheer human tragedy he’s created. Biden has combated every effort to secure the border and had the gall to bring up fentanyl.

Rainbow fentanyl is the new rage. It is designed to be attractive to children.

Rainbow fentanyl can sometimes come in the form of counterfeit M30 oxycodone pills. 

Fentanyl is killing 100,000 Americans per year. China is sending fentanyl precursors to Mexican cartels with whom China is doing business. The cartels make the finished product. Biden has presided over this for 19 months but only in the face of the midterm elections does he have an epiphany. Biden’s handpicked Chief of Border Patrol lays the blame at Biden’s feet.  A more cynical person might even wonder if Biden has been keeping open the borders to maximize the damage and deaths so that he can assume the mantle of the country’s savior. You might call Biden the Munchausen Syndrome by President- killing young Americans so he can then save them.

All of this is prelude for what I expect to follow: harsh extra-Constitutional Presidential executive orders coming down on Trump, his supporters and Republicans. Eventually the Supreme Court will rule them unconstitutional but not until after the election. That will be his anti-crime policy. 87,000 IRS agents are just the tip of the spear.

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