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Joe Biden is known to love ice cream. His obsession with it has spawned any number of memes. This one was particularly popular:



A world class funny meme was posted the other day by @grumpfuk

Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

Reuters news agency actually fact checked it.

As you can see, Twitter applied a “Manipulated media” sticker to it. Non only that, Twitter felt the need to add an ability for Bidenphiles to downgrade the sarcastic comments critical of Biden on the Reuters fact check:

And that’s the real story. Reuters felt a need to make sure you knew this really didn’t happen quite the way it was portrayed. Twitter had to do the same and provided a platform to suppress the inevitable sarcasm. It’s a sign that an election is pending.

They had to protect Biden. They had to circle the wagons. The story isn’t that they fact checked this meme.

The story is they know they had to.

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