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Welcome back to Day 486 of the President Ultra Dementia* occupation! Let’s get straight to the insanity:

5/12 – Amber Heard and the Man-Haters Club

RS McCain gives some sound dating advice about avoiding bisexuals. Although I still would have ignored it when I was in this situation many years ago, I have no regrets. Get your mind out of the gutter – the bad ending helped beat the stupid out of me when it came to dating.

5/13 – Prominent Transgender Activist Touted by New York Times Arrested and Charged with 16 Felonies for Rape and Sexual Abuse of a Boy

I’m guessing that he’s getting a lot less coverage now from The NY Slimes

5/13 – “Russia Exporting More Oil Than Before War”…India, China Snapping Up Tankers Of Oil At Large Discounts

Strengthening our economic rivals, another side effect of the Biden* administration’s “energy” policy. Which takes me to “Brother Bob’s Razor” – never attribute to political stupidity that which can be explained by genuine malice

5/14 – WOKEs Charge 3 Boys with Sexual Harassment Over Pronouns

The parents need to sue, and hit back hard. As Paul Williams said so well at the start of Smokey and the Bandit II, “Daddy, this bulls*** has GOT to stop!”

5/14 – The NBA’s Culture War

A surprisingly “just the facts” and low on heat look at how the league has changed for the worse over the last two decades. Never more than a casual fan myself, I completely tuned out of the NBA when they became the standard bearers for a domestic terror group.

5/15 – Cancelling women

Republican politicians, I can’t repeat this enough. Remember that annoyingly lazy and dishonest phrase that The Radical Left used to use, “War on Women”? We’ve already overrun their artillery; now it’s just time to load their shells and start raining their own ammo down on their Leftist heads

5/16 – Fairfax, Virginia Schools May Expel Elementary Students For ‘Misgendering’ People

Thsi story show’s how The Rasdical Left’s lie that all they wanted was acceptance is a lie, and always was a lie

5/17 – California Judge Strikes Down Law Forcing Companies To Appoint Women To Corporate Boards

Sanity from California?

5/18 – Tales From the Swamp: How a Republican Senatoar’s Son Partnered With a Liberal Dark Money Group To Sink Voter ID Expansion

This story makes the cut for being so bizarre I had to double check that it wasn’t from The Bee. Sadly, it’s not.

5/19 – Leftist media want to convince you that you’re obsessed with ‘replacement theory’

Projection isn’t just a river in Egypt.

5/20 – Eric Swalwell’s Four-Year-Old Son Hates You. Here’s Why

Here’s a disturbing thought – what if his four year old really is already a nasty, hateful Leftist like Fang Fang”s ex boyfriend is?

Have a great weekend!

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