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Welcome back everyone! Need a breather from the SCOTUS Roe v. Wade news? Well you’ve come to the right place! I’ve mostly ignored the stories, since 90% of them seem to be reporting on people’s reactions or reactions to the reactions. As always, even without the big story, there’s no shortage of Leftist insanity. Shall we get to it?

4/28 – Madness, Joe Biden Asks Congress for $33 Billion More for Ukraine to Fund Their Government Salaries, Pensions and Budget Obligations

Wasn’t foreign policy supposed to be Biden’s* biggest strength?

4/29 – Hold them accountable!

We can only hope – I’m not holding my breath.

4/30 – Victims of Communism Day, 2022

We can’t let those bastards whitewash this barbaric philosophy

4/30 – LOL: AOC Gets DEMOLISHED after Trying to Bash Elon Musk with Her Own Dumb Inuslt Thrown Back at Her

Brilliant – Fire back at Gulag Barbie with her own stupidity

5/1 – Here’s Your Disinformation: Now Psaki Is Claiming That TRUMP Started Biden’s Thought Police Board

Didn’t Barry O pull the same thing, trying to blame Dubya for one of his idiotic policies?

5/1 – Ireland To See Rise In Carbon Tax On Back Of Rising Inflation And Energy Prices

If The Radical Left didn’t care about the poor, why wouldn’t the Lefties work so hard to ensure that they stay poor?


No snark – there actually was some genuine good to come out of the Met gala. Yeah, I was surprised too.

5/3 – Is the Disinformation Governance Board Unconstitutional? (Video)

What looks like typical Biden* administration stupidity might be masking something far nastier.

5/4 – The consequences of the stolen 2020 election are increasingly catastrophic

Nothing you didn’t probably already know, but one of the better, succinct summaries.

5/5 – Can Australia climb out of the green grave?

What we Normals see as a warning, The Radical Left sees as a blueprint. Kind of like when we all read 1984.

5/6 – Look Who’s Back: Russians Restore Lenin Statue in Ukrainian Town

I’m not sure what’s more offensive – this statue getting restored or the one of him in Seattle never having been torn down

ICYMI – I’ve been busy this week dropping a four part series:

Will We be Remembered as the Generation That Declared War on Our Children? (Part 1 of 4)

Will the Genius of the Transgender Movement End up Being its Downfall? (Part 2 of 4)

Friendly Advice to The Radical Left: Normalizing Child R@pe Is Not a Winning Issue (Part 3 of 4)

The One Question About Grooming School Children that Nobody Is Asking (Part 4 of 4)

And finally, to honor the late Mother Bob and all of the Moms out there, here’s a Mothers’ Day dedication with a heartwarming tale of a boy standing up for his Mom

Have a great weekend!

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