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Welcome back to Day 437 of the President World War III* Junta! Straight to the crazy:

3/24 – ‘Spare us your presence’: Trudeau decimated on world stage as liberty-loving EU members HAVE AT HIM

Things I never would have called 30 years ago – the PM of Canada getting rightfully called out by the leaders of Eastern Bloc nations. And yet here we are.

3/25 – The Philadelphia Inquirer tries to ramp up sympathy for the drunk driver who killed three men

As the legacy media continues to wonder why we Normals don’t trust them anymore


The Radical Left does not appreciate it when we Normals call out their racism

3/27 – What to Expect on Buses When Fare Is Free

Take a guess as to what happens. Go ahead, guess!

3/28 – The January 6 Witch Hunt Kills a Good Man

I’ve been guilty of this myself, but we Normals need to keep a light shining on the political prisoners still suffering as a result of the 1/6 Reichstag Fire

3/29 – The Left vs. the Gag Reflex

You know you’re seeing some good writing when you read an article about The Radical Left’s war on comedy, and despite only recognizing one name (a brief mention of John Cleece) it’s still an excellent read from start to finish.

3/29 – Employees Dub ‘Anti-Racist’ Southern Poverty Law Center Racist

Here’s one of those pieces of good news that will put a smile on your face

3/30 – Twitter Locked My Account For Telling The Truth About Rachel Levine

These are also all too common stories, and we need to keep repeating them every time and keep a light on the Big Tech censors.

3/31 – Many Democrats are clearly evil and openly acknowledge their ignorance; why should they be trusted on matters of innocent life?

A few years ago I would have called this a joke, but I’m not kidding when I say we can start taking bets as to how many years from now until some Democrat takes the stage at a rally with a Dead Kennedys song as their entrance music?

3/31 – Maxine Waters tells the homeless to ‘go home’

There is just nothing that I can add to this (H/T Deplorable Me)

4/1 – Racial Profiling and Kiddie Porn Replace the Three Rs in Maine’s K-12 Classrooms

This needs to be the subject of a post of it’s own, but this story will be enough for now

ICYMI – I asked the question of Why Are We Still Talking About Single Payer? I also shouted back at The Radical Left with Sorry Leftists, You Don’t Get to Now Claim that You’re Patriotic

And to end on a fun note, this video is the product launch for Jeremy’s Razors.

Have a great weekend!

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