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A few months ago I predicted that omicron would be the variant which could end of the pandemic. Now COVID cases are indeed falling off dramatically. Yet we could have ended this pandemic long ago. Over the last two years we have learned some interesting details about COVID.

  • It doesn’t appear to affect people below 4 feet, i.e., people sitting, as in restaurants.
  • COVID doesn’t affect celebrities at narcissistic award ceremonies.
  • It doesn’t affect AOC when she wears glam.
  • COVID doesn’t affect politicians when they’re in the Capitol.
  • COVID will stop affecting kids on school buses in New Jersey on March 7.
  • COVID stopped in Illinois on Feb. 28.
  • Joe Biden needs a mask when walking alone but not when taking to reporters or when coughing

More states are ditching mask mandates. New Yorkers, having been frightened to death by Fauci’s lies and suffering for Cuomo’s mismanagement of the pandemic, prefer to continue wearing masks despite most masks being largely ineffective. LA is creeping toward the end of the mask mandate.

Putting children’s priorities behind their own, the teachers’ union wants kids to remain masked forever. Here’s another prediction: we’re going to see a generation of kids who become severely ill as they mature. Kids are supposed to eat dirt, play in the mud and get colds. That’s how a child’s immune system develops resistance. Kids should not be wearing masks (unless there is a comorbidity). If teachers are afraid, let them wear masks. Unions demanding that masks be worn by kids are admitting masks don’t work.

democrats have long been pleading with us all to “follow the science.” That leads to the most important fact COVID has taught us.

Science is malleable. It can be worked into the desired shape with the proper political hammers.

On February 24 Biden’s polling sent a desperate letter to democrat leaders.


The message was “we’re going to get killed in the next election unless you declare a win and move on.”

The very next day:

CDC loosens COVID-19 indoor mask guidance, including for schools

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) moved Friday to loosen federal mask-wearing guidance for counties deemed to be at “low” or “medium” risk – including in schools.

Most Americans will no longer be advised to wear masks in indoor public settings and the agency announced a change to the metric it uses in recommending the face coverings – shifting from looking at COVID-19 cases counts to a more comprehensive view about a community’s risk from the virus. Roughly 70% of Americans live in low- or medium-risk counties.

And, again as I predicted, Biden took credit for ending the pandemic by plagiarizing Ron DeSantis and a whole lot of other people:

 It’s time for America to stop letting the coronavirus “dictate how we live.”

And just like that COVID went away.

We could have ended this pandemic a long time ago. All we had to do was move up the midterm elections.



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