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In the beginning GoFundMe sounded like a wonderful thing. It offered an opportunity for people to take their personal financial difficulties public and hopefully encourage others to make donations that would help them and, in many cases, it was a success. Then little by little the demon inside appeared.

It has gone full woke.

It now decapitates anything against Critical Race Theory and anything questioning vaccines in the guise of suppressing “misinformation.” Now it has turned on the protest by Canadian truckers.

A GoFundMe account had been established in support of the Canadian truckers who are supporting mandatory vaccination. Demanding vaccination of those who spend over 99% of their time alone makes zero sense to me. Then, under the guise of some concocted reports of “violence” GoFundMe suspended the truckers’ fundraiser after it had raised nearly $10 million. Then things really went south.

The CEO of GoFundMe made the unliteral decision to take the money meant for the truckers and redistribute it to “charities” as he saw fit, rather than refund it. Needless to say, that was not well received. There was an immediate and fierce response to the decision. Despite claiming it did not support activities that “violated its terms of service ‘which prohibits the promotion of violence and harassment” GoFundMe had taken a stance actively supporting the Capitol Hill occupation in Seattle, which was replete with violence and harassment. Threatening to send the acquired monies to left wing causes (which was unquestionably the intent) was widely criticized.

Other examples of GoFundMe bias can be seen here.

Both Missouri and Florida have announced intentions to investigate GoFundMe.

DeSantis, a Republican, said on Twitter it was fraud for GoFundMe to give the money “to causes of their own choosing,” and he would work with Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody to investigate. “These donors should be given a refund.”

In face of what was called “donor feedback”, CEO Tim Cadogan reversed his decision and said all donations to the truckers’ cause would be returned but the damage is done. GoFundMe bows only to left wing woke commands.

Fortunately, there is an alternative- It appears to be free of the disease of Wokeism.

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