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When Donald Trump was President, the left winfg media was relentless in its pursuit to smear him. This mindless effort led to many stupid falsehoods being leveled against Trump. It became so egregious that even Snopes, the bastion of left-wing bias, devoted one post to the media’s mendacity.

Glenn Greenwald, who tends to lean left but is highly principled, tore into the media for its brash lies about Trump. Among them:

Trump Created a Secret Internet Server to Covertly Communicate with a Russian Bank (Slate)
CNN Explicitly Lied About Lanny Davis Being Its Source – For a Story Whose Substance Was Also False: Cohen Would Testify that Trump Knew in Advance About the Trump Tower Meeting (CNN)
Donald Trump Jr. Was Offered Advanced Access to the WikiLeaks Email Archive (CNN/MSNBC)

Do read the whole thing. So determined were they to visit harm to Trump the media threw diligence and integrity to the winds.

Trump was impeached over a leaked phone call and that makes a good starting point for this discussion.


Biden’s hysterical and incompetent exodus from Afghanistan resulted in the deaths of 13 American soldiers. We have not had satisfactory hearings into that disaster, as though their lives did not matter.

Phone Conversations

Biden has had two curious phone calls recently- one with Zelensky of Ukraine and one with Xi Jinping. CNN reported the phone call with Zelensky did not go well. Biden was urging the evacuation of Americans while Zelenksky said Americans were safer in Kyiv than in Los Angeles, which is true. Biden famously extorted Ukraine to fire the prosecutor looking into his son’s dealings. We need to know what he said to Zelensky. The only way to know is for Biden to release the transcript.

Biden was asked about his call with Xi and specifically whether Biden brought up the origin if COVID. Biden claimed he pressed Xi on the origins of COVID but his staff wasn’t in the room. Given the nefarious financial dealings the Biden family has with Chinese Communist Party ($31 million) the American people deserve to see the transcript of their conversation. Americans deserve to know if their President is a Chinese asset.

Neither transcript is likely to see the light of day without impeachment.


Donald Trump withdrew from the JCPOA because it was a bad deal and Iran was violating it from day one. As past of his scorched Earth policy to undo Trump’s policies no matter how much they hurt America, Biden lifted several sanctions on Iran without getting a single thing in return. Biden forfeited all of his leverage. Biden “waived sanctions on the Iranian oil trade, allowing Tehran access to frozen funds in foreign banks that it can now use to fund terrorism.”  He lifted sanctions on missile producers, virtually guaranteeing that Iran will become a nuclear power. One wonders how many understand that the key parts of the JCPOA were to sunset in 2025. This is a near term disaster.


We don’t know what Biden gave away to Xi in his call but there sure are a lot of unanswered questions about COVID. China gave us COVID and in return we are buying Chinese made masks and Chinese made testing kits. To this day Biden will not press China on COVID nor will he demand Congress pursue it despite the US death toll nearing 900,000. The Biden family and the Pelosi family and the Kerry family are thick with China and appear not to want the American people to know just how thick.


Biden lifting the sanctions on Nordstream 2 has pushed Germany into dependence on Russia and threatens to fracture NATO.

Ignore the Courts

Biden has repeatedly demanded that businesses and the American people ignore Court decisions. He told America to ignore the Supreme Court ruling on the eviction moratorium and demanded businesses ignore the Court ruling on mandatory vaccination.

The Border

Biden adamantly refuses to secure the southern border but is willing to spend unlimited resources to defend Ukraine’s borders.

Flying illegals

Biden is taking apprehended illegals from the border and flying them around the country in the middle of the night, dumping them into unwitting cities and towns, slamming the citizens with unwanted financial burdens.

I mean, it just looks like a deliberate scam to get as many people away from the southern border as quickly as possible by the federal government so that the optics down there don’t look terrible. And they are flying them all over the country, as you said, whether it be California, Louisiana, New York, New Jersey. There are flights going every single day, charter flights, and it is costing, you know, tens of millions, probably hundreds of millions of dollars. And last year we had 2 million illegal aliens.

You know, if they — if it doesn’t accelerate, which it probably will since people from all over the world are now descending on the southern border, if it doesn’t accelerate, you’re talking about 8 million by the time Joe Biden is done. That’s another New York City or, you know, four Chicagos. This is an invasion. And no wonder that New York city has just recently — well, New York has decided to allow noncitizens to vote in their mayoral and local elections.”

Many of the flights contain unaccompanied children and teens and in other cases, adult males.

“The government is betraying the American people,” said one contractor.

Little Red Lying Hood Jen Psaki claimed they were being flown to detention centers. It is another flat out lie.

Biden is actively aiding and abetting criminal activity. He is no different from the cartels who take money shovel illegals into this country. One wonder how much the Biden family is scoring on it.

Biden is acting like a dictator and not a President.

All of this makes imperative that Republicans retake the House and the Senate and put an end to these incoherent and incompetent actions and hold Biden accountable via impeachment before the damage is irreversible.

There’s much from which to choose.


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