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The COVID pandemic is showing signs of slowing down. The UK is going to getting ready to drop nearly all of its COVID restrictions. France and Ireland are expected to follow.

Biden, of course, is doubling down.

The UK is no longer asking people to work from home. Across the Atlantic, however,  companies are doing the opposite and are actively telling staff to remain remote.
From today, secondary school pupils in the U.K. will not have to wear face coverings in classrooms. The requirement to wear masks in corridors and other communal areas will end next Thursday, January 27.
In the U.S., children are required to wear masks in classrooms across the country, and the nation’s premiere health agency has urged citizens to double-mask and don the more effective N-95 mask as opposed to other, less effective cloth masks.
In the U.S., mask and social distancing rules have been mandated on a state-by-state basis while the Biden administration’s efforts to take sweeping nationals actions are bogged down in the courts.

In the UK government is getting out of the way of businesses, but here, not so much.

In the U.K., proof of vaccination or a recent negative test will no longer be needed to enter nightclubs and large venues from next Thursday. But businesses will still be free to use the NHS Covid Pass if they want.
Meanwhile, in the U.S., most restaurants and large venues across the nation require proof of vaccination.


Courts have been striking down Biden’s vaccine mandates, yet Biden is demanding that employers ignore them.

Biden is sending out 400 million N95 masks well after the virus has left the barn. There is some debate as to how long these masks can be used but if you pass out while wearing one it’s a sign to stop. At best this is a very short-term action. Frankly, this is merely a feeble effort to appear to be doing something.

Twelve times Biden told us he had a plan to stop the virus. One year ago, he presented a 200-page plan to stop COVID. Jen Psaki scoffed at the notion of free tests. The death toll under Biden now exceeds that under Trump. He has been an abject failure.

It’s important to establish all this in premise to my prediction, which is this- the pandemic will wind down. Omicron will have helped the most.

And Joe Biden will take credit for all of it.

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