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And just like that she’s back. Hillary.  We honestly thought that she was gone, finito, kaput.  As God is my witness, I thought that she had left the building…for good.  But no.  We were wrong.  Recently, Hillary sort of announced, in her cryptic way,  “Hey, I’m still here.  I’m presidential timber.  I can go the distance this time.  I’ll dust off my 6 year old acceptance speech and drag my moth eaten purple pantsuit out of the closet. I’m a contender!” (Cue the Rocky theme song)

Why?  Everyone wonders why.  She is richer than King Midas and can afford to drink expensive wine and to purchase elegant McMansions.  Hillary already lost twice and still experiences trauma from her 2016 beatdown.  Why run again?  I think that the answer is simple.  She is Captain Ahab standing on the quarterdeck of the Piquod. She is determined to set sail again in 2023 to hunt down the illusive Moby Dick of her lifetime: becoming president of the United States. She may have lost a leg (metaphorically) in 2016, but that only strengthened her resolve.  She hated losing to Donald Trump and sees him as the usurper who denied her victory and stole her crown.  Hillary is seething with rage and at this point has no control over her actions.  She is on a quest.  She is filled with a terrible resolve, seeks revenge and will not be deterred from her mission-by anyone.

I think that something else is motivating Hillary.  Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is the 46th President of the United States.  How did that happen? His election was incomprehensible! Even Obama, who Joe loyally served for 8 years, refused to endorse him.  Obama tried to warn the country that Biden was lacking the right stuff for the presidency.  “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f–k things up. And do you know who really doesn’t have it?  Joe Biden.”  Adding insult to injury, Obama totally humiliated Biden by endorsing Hillary for president in 2016.  That had to leave a mark.

The coup de grace was the election results of 2020.  Biden/Harris supposedly garnered 81 million votes.  Are you kidding me?  Joe campaigned from his basement next to the washing machine.  His running mate Harris was toxic and when Joe did stumble out of his cave to campaign, he couldn’t find enough supporters to fill a 7-11 parking lot. Hillary believed (and still does) that she was the chosen one who should have been president.  Now she can only sip her wine and watch in abject horror as bumbling, babbling, Biden and his merry band of moronic misfits destroy the United States and the Democratic Party in one fell swoop. Hell, those idiots may even start a war with Russia just to create a diversion that will obscure their incompetence! What a revolting development that would be.

Oh, mark my words, the Pequod will sail again. Captain Clinton will be sternly standing on the quarterdeck, under a gunmetal grey sky, barking orders to her terrified crew to set sail.  This time will be different.  This time she will hunt and harpoon the great white whale, Moby Dick.  She will not be deterred.  She will not turn back.  She will not listen to Bill.  She will not listen to reason or change course.  She is on a crusade and her fate is sealed.  This is Captain Clinton’s final voyage and she will not be denied the ultimate prize, come hell or high water.

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