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Welcome back to Day 360 of the Brandon* Occupation! As we approach the end of year one of America’s first Dementia  -Awareness presidency, where is the country right now? Let’s take a look:

1/7 – NY Times admits covid “booster” shots damage immunity, leave body defenseless against virus

Yeah, I know, where have these nimrods been for the last two years? But when even the Dems’ PR machine is being forced to acknowledge reality that’s a good sign

1/8 – Flashback May 2020 Assault On The White House: 60 Secret Service Agents Wounded, President Trump Taken to Secure Bunker

And the media yawns

1/9 – ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Make Up Majority Of COVID Hospitalizations In Ontario, Gov’t Data Shows

Maybe we need to start isolatibg the vaxxed?

1/10 – Exposing Maryland’s Partisan, Zuckerberg-Funded 2020 Turnout Operation

I’m old enough to remember when The Radical Left claimed to be against “Dark money” in our elections

1/11 – Democrats plan to copy Obama’s tactics to win in November

I am actually impressed with the creativity the Dems are using in their plans to steal the elections in ’22 & ’24 – when your policies are so disgusting that the Normals are voting en masse against them, you simply take away the option to vote against them.

1/12 – The New (Old) Court-Packing Plan

I just wish that Democrats would keep their recycling efforts to paper, glass, plastic, etc. instead of including bad ideas

1/13 – There’s only one reason why Hillary would think about running again

I disagree. Not with the one reason given, but look at how the Dems have been laying the groundwork. On one hand, they’re thowing everything in the kitchen sink to legalize voter fraud, while on the other hand warning of the illigitemacy of any election that they fail to win. And you know that Hillary has got to be seething that the decaying heap of organic matter occupying the White House could get installed why can’t she?

1/13 – Open Borders, Hidden Agendas

The sad part is, the agendas aren’t so hidden anymore

1/14 – Leftist Teacher Charged for Quarantining Her Child in Car Trunk

Even I’m at a rare loss for words on this one

And be sure to watch the video below – not all heroes wear capes. I’m moving away from Twitter & will probably start just posting GETTR links, even if they don’t embed like Twitter does. This one is worth an exception

Have a great weekend!

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