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Inquiring minds want to know how Joe Biden garnered 81 million votes in 2020.  I voted for Trump because he was smart, courageous, loved the country and had extensive economic expertise. Trump graduated from the school of hard knocks and actually built something.  Hidin Biden campaigned from his  basement, sitting next to his furnace while folding clothes. The rest is history and apparently, I underestimated Biden’s value to this country.  Behind his persona of bumbling, incompetent, incoherent, buffoonery, Joe magically addressed the nation from his fake office in the fake room with the fake windows.  The president offered these pearls of wisdom to all of us ignorant morons who wonder why car prices are so high. Biden said:

Been doing this a long time. If car prices are too high right now, there are two solutions.  You can increase the supply of cars by making more of them or reduce the demand for cars by making Americans poorer.

That is pure genius and America should thank sleepy Joe for choosing option B-making Americans poorer.  One thing that Biden has achieved after 50 years in politics is a Doctor of Philosophy degree in making poor decisions.  Joe abandoned 85 billion dollars of sensitive military equipment in Afghanistan and then vaporized a beautiful family of 10 with a $75,000 Hellfire missile fired from a Reaper drone. (oops)  Americans are poorer because 2 million illegal, sick, unvetted, illiterate immigrants have poured into our country through our wide open southern border. Kamala was tasked to fix that mess but she is pouting because Biden apparently is “giving her all of the crappy jobs.” Americans are now on the hook financially (estimated yearly cost 8.8 billion dollars) to feed, house, educate and possibly incarcerate our ‘invited’ quests. Kamala Harris missed a golden opportunity.  When tasked with the border job, she should have immediately ordered the remaining gaps closed using the materials already purchased by President Trump.  While Joe was eating pancakes Kamala could have confronted him, cackled and said, “There Joe, fixed it for you!” Now that would have made me laugh.

While we are thanking Joe for making us poorer, I have to mention the pain of rising energy costs.  I just received my natural gas bill for the month which was higher than Hunter Biden smoking crack. (Come on, that’s funny.  We need to find something to laugh about.)  Speaking of laughing, do you think that sleepy Joe is aware of the current price of gasoline?  I guess that he used pixie dust flying to Rehoboth Beach 35 times in his electric/solar/wind powered helicopter but in the real world, honest, hard-working Americans need to drive to work. Biden has definitely made Americans poorer and we ain’t got no stinkin helicopter.  Gasoline pumps now display two things that I have never seen: 1) A picture of Biden pointing up to the price of gas and saying, “I did that!”  2) An automated external defibrillator (AED) attached to the pump to be used when sticker shock causes a heart attack.  Biden did that too.

The good news is that the crack team of Biden/Harris has another three years to make Americans even poorer.  If Biden really puts his back into it, we may be talking a full blown depression by the year 2023. My mother, Betty, survived the horrible 1929 depression and she became the poster child for frugality.  I once tried to throw out an almost empty jar of jelly and mom said, “What are we the Rockefellers? Pour some water in that jar and you’re good to go!” Thanks mom and thanks to Biden for making Americans poorer.  We may need Betty’s advice sooner than we think.

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