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Welcome back to Day 304 of the President Flatuence* occupation! It’s hard to believe that we’re less than a week away from Thanksgiving – where has 2021 gone? And of course, Thanksgiving is what Mark Steyn once referred to as a uniquely American holday. Think about it, it has all of the basic elements that make it the perfect American holiday – gratitude, family, love for our country. WHich makes sense why Lefties despise it! Let’s get on to what nobody should be thankful for:

11/11 – Group Biden Removed From Terror List Storms U.S. Embassy in Yemen, Takes Hostages (H/T Mully)

This news just put the “Welcome Back, Kotter” theme song running through my head, only replacing “Kotter” with “Carter”

11/12 – ‘The Police Don’t Actually Come’: SF Residents Witness Untold Horrors Living Next to Huge Homeless Encampment

Eat it, peasants. If you don’t like Homeless in your neighborhood just be as wealthy as Newsom or Pelosi & hire your own security.

11/13 – Liberals Triggered By Rittenhouse Trial Judge “God Bless The USA” Ringtone

Yes, now loving America, or more specifically, not hating America is now considered “partisan” to these loons

11/13 – Mother of Kyle Rittenhouse Utterly Wrecks Joe Biden For ‘Defaming’ Her Son Using White Supremacist Rhetoric

Let Nick Sandman show you the way, Kyle.

11/14 – Biden’s Banking Chief Nominee Wants to Eliminate Your Private Bank Account

The fact that this doomed nominee is even being suggested should worry all of us

11/14 – When mutiny is the only honorable choice

Expect more of this – I’m wondering how much of this Brandon’s* handlers have planned for

11/15 – The Ten Stages of Genocide Are Hitting a Little Too Close to Home

Wow – We actually have documented seven of these stages. I’m old enough to remember when that number was zero.

11/15 – The war on police and vaccine mandates leave a child to watch his father die

If we had anything resemblig an honest media this would be a screaming headline from coast to coast

11/16 – 7 Media Lies Katie Couric And The Aspen Institute Would Decry If They Really Hated Disinformation

(In Ron Howard’s “Arrested Dvelopment” Narrator voice): “Actually, they didn’t”


In normal times I would approve of a proposal such as this. But we’re way past normal – we should be shifting the conversation to declaring these Diversity departments to be hate groups, en route to having them defunded and eventually banned

11/18 – Can the FBI Be Salvaged?

Three words: Victor Davis Hanson. Click the link.

11/19 – Don’t Ask About Empty Shelves, Our Leaders are Too Busy Saving the World

I’m still waiting for some Lefty to explain to me how taxing the poor grants bureaucrats the power to control the weather.

And from the archives, it’s time for my annual repost – Your One Stop Guide to DESTROYING your Democrat relatives at Thanksgiving! The post may be five years old, but it’s aged surprisingly well – you’ll want to commit each response to memory.

Have a great week, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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