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There is a growing darkness in the country. We are in the midst of a coup- a coup of the Constitution. Pelosi once asserted that dissent was patriotic. Now it is racist. Now dissent is punished if one strays from the party line. CRT is the new “n word.” The government has become weaponized against conservatives. The current President, as did the last D President, tries to tip the scales of justice. The tech giants are allies in this process.

Facebook has become one of the arbiters of freedom of speech. Under the guise of the nebulous “community standards” the suspension hammer is the tool of choice to shut down “hate” speech. There is no list or link to learn what “hate speech” is or what “community standards” are. This is certainly by design so it could strike out of the blue when a Facebook goon is offended. Mark Zuckerberg is a wannabe Mussolini, a diminutive one at that. I decided to burn my Facebook account after the last suspension. I hope others will do the same.

Facebook is deleting all references to negative reactions to vaccines.

Twitter shadow bans those who get out of line. It chops the number of followers without notice. It limits visibility of the tweets of people who are out of line but only certain people are censured. Joe Biden can call Kyle Rittenhouse a “white supremacist” without any evidence and cripple Rittenhouse’s right to a fair trial but that’s just fine.

Biden is the ultimate purveyor of false information but since he’s woke it’s acceptable. Trump, OTOH, got banned.

Twitter allows that absolute lunatic Joy Reid to post racist content all day long. Enjoy.

Here’s another example of what passes for acceptable on Twitter

And then there’s Google and its property Youtube.

Google is actively demonetizing conservative sites to starve them out of existence. The Daily Caller:

YouTube is now demonetizing videos from content creators deemed too controversial for the platform, and conservatives and independents are being heavily impacted.
The move follows YouTube’s announcement earlier in August to catch and flag “controversial religious and supremacist” content hosted on the popular video-hosting website. Political and social commentators on YouTube are feeling the hurt—and they believe that they may be on a blacklist for having the wrong opinions.
The Daily Caller previously spoke to several popular commentary YouTubers who expressed skepticism of the system when the move was first announced last week.

Google uses “volunteer experts”, i.e. left wing woke fascists to determine acceptable content.

Affected creators are unable to make money from their work, which is automatically flagged or vetted by volunteer “experts.” In addition, the new system incorporates “tougher standards” for controversial videos that do not break YouTube’s terms of service, which are placed in a purgatory state that effectively censors them from being recommended to YouTube viewers.

Google has demonetized the Gateway Pundit.

Pushed by NBC, Google threatened to demonetize The Federalistover comments.

It has demonetized a Christian news site- Lifesite. for contradicting the “consensus.”  Russian collusion was consensus too.

Google demonetized Piers Morgan.

Google demonetized Zero Hedge.

It throttled Prager U.

When it did not approve of the way the Rittenhouse trial was going Google shut down several live feeds.

Jonathan Turley:

NBC News reported yesterday that ZeroHedge and The Federalist were banned from generating revenue through Google Ads. This demonetization of sites is a favorite tool for critics to shutdown writers or sites with opposing views.  Google holds a virtual monopoly on such ad revenue (by some estimates over 70 percent of such revenue). Many groups recognized years ago that they could achieve a form of private censorship by getting Google, Twitter, and other companies to effectively cut off the ability of readers to see opposing views.  For those of us who are part of the dinosaur class on free speech, the solution to bad speech should be more and better speech — rather than preventing others from hearing or reading opposing views.

Now Google has come for Flopping Aces. We have been demonetized, shut off from Google Ads. The excuse?

“Dangerous” and “derogatory” content. As an example it cited an article I wrote- in 2012.
Now Google want to go further. It wants to identify “dangerous” and “derogatory” individuals early on. It wants to know “which political issues voters are searching for in each congressional district.” Without a doubt Google is looking to smother the baby in the crib.

Dr. Epstein had a warning for MRC Free Speech America on the Axios-Google project. “The ‘new’ project is something Google already does in a far more granular fashion than the Axios announcement describes,” Epstein said. “The Axios/Google project focuses by congressional district on issues that people are searching for on Google, but Google knows precisely what issue individuals are searching for – and, through their emails and other documents Google tracks (such as Google Docs) – what issues individuals are concerned about.”
Dr. Epstein explained the implications of Google having this knowledge. “Among other things, this allows Google to keep a close eye on voters who are undecided and whose opinions can still be changed,” he said. “The detailed information they have about each and every one of us allows them to effectively shift opinions with biased search results, search suggestions, answer boxes, answers on personal assistants (Google Home and the Google Assistant on Android phones), YouTube videos, targeted messages, and more.”
Epstein warned, “The more you know about people, the easier it is to manipulate them. And almost all of these manipulations use what Google employees refer to as ‘ephemeral experiences,’ which means they leave no paper trails for authorities to trace.” Dr. Epstein is still engaging in ongoing research on Google.

The tech oligarchs are taking control of this country. Most of them are left wing woke champions and they are crushing democracy. A Chinese dissident recognized what’s going on and had a warning for us

Former political prisoner and authoritarian regimes expert Ai Weiwei appeared on PBS Friday, warning Americans that authoritarianism has already invaded the country.

The PBS host tried to steer the discussion toward Donald Trump but Ai had something to say about the poisonous wokeness that infects the country

Weiwei went on to explain that many aspects of the U.S. today are similar to the Cultural Revolution in China. He mentioned political correctness as an example, calling it “very dangerous.”

And left this warning

But certainly, in the United States, with today’s condition, you can easily have an authoritarian. In many ways, you’re already in the authoritarian state. You just don’t know it.”

The authoritarian state, lead by someone promising to unify the country but who has done nothing but sow division, hate and economic turmoil and destruction.

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