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There was an oil spill on off the coast of California. 144,000 gallons of oil were spilled. You also might note that there is now suddenly little interest in the story and there is a reason for that.

Oil has been leaking since about October 3 and officials set about to determine the cause. It was noted that the pipeline was moved more than 100 feet along the ocean floor. The pipeline also suffered a 13 inch tear.

It was most likely caused by an anchor.

Why did this happen? Well, it was pretty much inevitable as there is a giant backlog of cargo freighters waiting to be offloaded on the California coast and it’s going to cause trouble for Americans.

SANTA MARIA, Calif. — A sea of frustration is rising for American consumers during the pandemic. The port backlog at the Los Angeles Port is causing a ripple effect all the way up to the Central Coast as items are being taken off the shelf. Currently, dozens of container ships sit idle off the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach waiting to be unloaded.

Consumers might be seeing as much as a 20% increase in goods for the holiday season. Shortages are also expected.

The US Maritime Administration is part of the Department of Transportation. Check out the bold text:

The Maritime Administration is the agency within the U.S. Department of Transportation dealing with waterborne transportation. Its programs promote the use of waterborne transportation and its seamless integration with other segments of the transportation system, and the viability of the U.S. merchant marine. The Maritime Administration works in many areas involving ships and shipping, shipbuilding, port operations, vessel operations, national security, environment, and safety. The Maritime Administration is also charged with maintaining the health of the merchant marine, since commercial mariners, vessels, and intermodal facilities are vital for supporting national security, and so the agency provides support and information for current mariners, extensive support for educating future mariners, and programs to educate America’s young people about the vital role the maritime industry plays in the lives of all Americans.

So what is being done about this backlog? In a word, nothing. That begs the question- where in the world is Pete Buttigieg? You might remember him. He’s the Secretary of Transportation. He has one job and the above is that job. His boss also seems oblivious to the situation. The left wing media has lost interest since it could further degrade the public’s view of Biden.

Supply chain issues are going to result in a significant amount of discomfort for Americans in the coming months. The initial shortages are going to be Chicken, lumber, microchips, gas, steel, metals, chlorine and ketchup packets. Then it grows to other products.

Neither Biden nor Buttigieg have done a thing about this problem and show no signs of doing anything soon. Their inaction allows the logjam to continue and boom, an oil spill consequent to the freighters jamming the coastline. It almost seems intentional.  Biden’s approval ratings are cratering. He is down to 38% and this is going to do nothing to improve that. Supply chain issues only add to the punishment being doled out by this moronic and incompetent regime. Then again, perhaps people need to be rewarded for the choices they make.

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