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There is no question that the Afghans who aided American troops should be allowed into this country but that’s not what happened. The US did evacuate some but left many behind, along with many Americans. Biden screwed this up as badly as he has screwed up everything else. In the chaotic surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban and the failure to properly vet the evacuees Biden brought to the US some really interesting culture. Harassment of women is a common occurrence in Afghanistan and that is part of the cultural enrichment Biden has imported to the US.

Several Afghan refugees assaulted a female solider at Fort Bliss:

The FBI reportedly launched a probe into an alleged attack of a female soldier at the hands of several male Afghan evacuees housed at Fort Bliss, officials from the agency and the U.S. Army post confirmed Friday.

FBI agents are investigating a referral from the Doña Ana Complex camp at Fort Bliss housing thousands of alleged Afghan allies evacuated in haste during President Joe Biden’s chaotic and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan.

At Fort McCoy in Wisconsin an Afghan man strangled his wife

She also told the soldiers that Imaad had struck their children on multiple occasions. [Emphasis added]

The woman said this was not the first time she was assaulted by Imaad and that he had “beat me many times in Afghanistan to the point I lost vision in both eyes.” She told a soldier Imaad threatened to kill her or send her back to Afghanistan “where the Taliban could deal with her.” [Emphasis added]

On Sept. 9, the woman fainted and received medical treatment. She told a soldier that Imaad had hit, choked, verbally abused and assaulted her since she arrived at Fort McCoy. [Emphasis added]

Also at the ironically named Fort Bliss:

On Wednesday, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced federal charges against Afghans Bahrullah Noori, 20-years-old, and Mohammad Haroon Imaad, 32-years-old.

According to prosecutors, Noori is accused of trying to forcefully engage in sexual acts with a minor while temporarily living at Fort McCoy since being brought to the U.S. with tens of thousands of other Afghans. Noori has also been charged with three counts of engaging in a sexual act with a minor and one count alleging the use of force.

An indictment against Noori states that his victims were under the age of 16 and were at least four years younger than him.

That Imaad’s been a busy boy

In a separate incident, Imaad is accused by prosecutors of strangling and suffocating his wife while temporarily living at Fort McCoy after arriving in the U.S. from Afghanistan. The alleged assault apparently took place on September 7.

Pentagon response? We’re aware of it.

We won’t even get into the Afghan dancing boys.

Some Afghans gotta Afghan. And to think we left the good ones behind.

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