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Democrats are seeing a calamity befalling them in 2022. Currently, they are rushing to push through two pork-laden spending bills through Congress before they lose their powers to steal. Notice that though Trump made infrastructure spending a priority, he could never get enough Democrats interested enough in it to go along with his agenda. Why? Well, like with COVID relief, which Democrats stalled until Trump was out of the way so they could load the bills up with unrelated waste that largely goes right back into their pockets, they wanted to have control over the spending to load it up with waste, graft, and corruption. It is a desperate race against time to crater the US economy before they lose power so they can blame those who come after them for the results. We’ve seen this movie before.

But why would they be worried about losing their power? Well, aside from their failure, thus far, to pass their “For (utterly permanently screwing) The People Act”, which would turn the US into a one-party totalitarian police state once and for all, their record of accomplishment is not too impressive, except for the scale of the disaster. Much to their chagrin, many states (even those that denied election fraud in 2020) are passing laws to outlaw the very avenues of fraud the Democrats exploited in 2020 to try to secure election integrity going forward. Make no mistake, though; the Democrats will continue to work on developing NEW methods of fraud. But their bid to make fraud the law of the land doesn’t seem to be in place to help them in 2022.

Too bad, for them. Idiot Biden’s economic policies, from destroying on day ONE hundreds of thousands of jobs and energy independence to insane spending that is reviving memories of Carter’s inflationary penalties on the lower and middle class that is taxation totally without representation, are wreaking havoc on working people and eluding being kept from notice by the Ministry of Propaganda, aka “the mainstream media”. Paying people more not to work than they could make taking one of the 9 million jobs remaining open is killing businesses in droves. Unconstitutionally making avoiding paying rent a reality isn’t helping struggling landlords, but since when has a Democrat acted as if they understood how the real world operates? What happens when these landlords go broke? Could there be a plan for the government to operate rental properties, aka elimination of ownership of private property? Wow… just picture a VA for renters.

Do you think the economy worries them to that extent? Not in and of itself. Recall that during the Obama regime, they blamed the first 4 years of economic failure on Bush. Then, they claimed the 2nd 4 years of economic failure were, in actuality, the “boom years” of miraculous 1.2% growth we should all be eternally grateful for. But when Trump grew the economy in leaps and bounds, cut unemployment, and created far more opportunity and benefit for minorities than ever before by doing such radical things as NOT being Obama, the left claimed that was the growth we were all waiting for and was stimulated by Obama’s brilliance that was just waiting to explode on January 20th, 2017. As long as the media is nothing more than a propaganda organ for the Democrat party, one bad outcome doesn’t worry them.

But, simultaneously, we have the failure to meet the COVID threat. Remember how every single aspect of the CCP virus was Trump’s fault, even as the Democrats denied for 2 months that there was even any threat? Now every negative outcome is the PEOPLE’S fault. Those who won’t submit, won’t wear masks, won’t get vaccinated, won’t shut down their lives are now blamed, but public opinion is turning on this. Idiot Biden is losing points on handling COVID. He denounced vaccines under development by Trump during the campaign as dangerous and untrustworthy; now he complains that too many are averse to getting the vaccines. He promised vaccines would keep masks off our faces, then tells us we need to mask up because of the Delta variant. He said he would “shut down the virus”, but we are seeing surges in cases if we can believe the organizations that have been lying to us throughout this pandemic. Under Trump, controlling the spread of the virus should have been EASY and idiot Biden claimed not one person would have died had HE been in charge, but somehow it has suddenly become much more difficult. Something about controlling ALL the government AND the media is getting in the way. When there is a failure, who BUT Democrats bear responsibility? That’s one of the problems of incompetent people having absolute power.

Need more? Well, hold on… here it comes. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Throughout his campaign, idiot Biden, soon joined by “never met a boss she didn’t like” Kamala, promised illegal immigrants free health care, free food, free housing, jobs, and eventual citizenship if they would just violate our immigration laws and flood across our borders. To make the trampling of our laws easier, he stopped the border wall construction as soon as he got the power (through fraud) to kill it. What, in the middle of a global pandemic, could possibly go wrong?

Well… how about EVERYTHING? First, it’s not just Mexicans and Central Americans coming in. Illegal immigrants from all over the world (over 120 countries) are cashing in. Millions. And over 20% are infected with some variant of COVID19. As vaccine and mask mandates sweep the nation and citizens, illegal immigrants are unaffected by such oppression. They are brought in and packed like cattle in a feedlot in overcrowded, understaffed, and overwhelmed facilities. Now, what do you think happens to that 20% infection rate when all the illegal immigrants are massed together? Can you say “Super Spreader”? How about “Super DUPER Spreader”? Wow, so what do you do with THAT?

Well, the answer is simple. You load them on buses and planes and distribute them all over the country… paying special attention to red states where the COVID bluff has been called and life is returning to normal. Oh, and don’t bother to track them. Just let em go and see if they voluntarily turn themselves in later for adjudication for their status.

Wouldn’t you think people that are really worried about the further spread of a deadly virus would be alarmed by this? Oh… you WOULD? Well, they aren’t. In fact, they simply ignore it.

But, for those stupid enough to pay taxes and abide by laws, we can be fired if we don’t get vaccinated or wear a fear billboard across our faces. However, it’s not just illegal immigrants that get to evade oppressive mandates; if you go to a star-studded self-aggrandizing massive birthday party, a rock concert, or a riot, you don’t need to follow any rules.

I mean, it’s not like idiot Biden didn’t pull out all the stops to solve this issue, a problem caused in an area that was totally under control. He immediately leaped into action, deploying the Kamala weapon. Kamala immediately went to work… avoiding the border. Try as they might, as they did with Obama’s economy, to declare everything was Trump’s fault and the catastrophe was under control, unprecedented numbers of illegal immigrants continued to swarm the border. Sweet, personable, laughing Kamala, the checker of boxes, layer of bosses, is turning into an albatross around the Democrat’s neck. Her favorability is dropping like idiot Biden’s attention span and failing miserably at mitigating the border disaster didn’t help.


“Defund the Police” is, to the surprise of no one, wreaking havoc across the nation. All categories of crime are on the rise. Gangs fight open wars on city streets for dominance, with civilians caught in the crossfire. Assaults are common. And when a criminal IS caught, liberal prosecutors simply drop charges and let them go back to what they were doing before: committing crimes. Theft has been decriminalized if moderated to under $950 dollars a crime, so many neighborhood stores are being gradually stripped clean unabated. Meanwhile, Democrats who support defunding the police use campaign contributions to hire their own security to protect THEM. Good luck to the rest of us.

But back to the original point; why are Democrats so worried? Do they think those who live between the coasts don’t like this? Do they believe those people don’t appreciate progressivism at its finest? Are they worried that those they believe are so stupid anyway will not see the greater good of destroying the economy, exploding COVID infections, rampant crime, and elitist hypocrisy? Possibly. But no doubt they can whip out a poll that shows everything is quite OK and all the disturbance is caused by “white supremacism”. The media has all the credibility of someone calling you to help you with your IRS troubles and it seems more and more likely that few are as impressed with the leftist propaganda as leftist propagandists would like them to be. Our past national election is no gauge whatsoever of public sentiment; copy machines don’t have opinions; they just react to the buttons pushed and the dead are, well, just dead. If election fraud can be defeated in 2022, Democrats could be in SERIOUS trouble. We can hope.

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