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This country is creeping faster and faster toward fascism and then full out Communism under the guise of socialism. President Rutabaga is the front man for whomever is controlling the agenda but Biden is still the prick he always has been. There are a number of signs that are harbingers for the future.

Biden refuses to condemn Communism

Doocy asked, “Do you think the people are leaving Cuba because they don’t like communism?” Psaki’s answer was, “We think people are leaving Cuba or protesting in the streets as well because they’re opposed to the oppression, to the mismanagement of the government in the country; and we certainly support their right to protest, we support their efforts to speak out against their treatment in Cuba,” and then proceeded to go in detail about the refugee resettlement efforts for Cuban and Haitian nationals in the United States.

Trump supporters who did not enter the Capitol are being treated like criminals

The Biden regime is going to go door to door to force you to comply with their dictates

The Biden administration is launching a new “door-to-door” effort to vaccinate Americans after falling short of its Fourth of July goal of having 70% of the adult population with at least one shot of the coronavirus vaccine.


Amid the administration’s ongoing concerns of a surge of the more contagious Delta variant of the virus, President Biden pitched his plan to boost the vaccinated population during remarks he made on Tuesday.

“Now we need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood and often times door-to-door – literally knocking on doors – to get help to the remaining people protected from the virus,” Biden said.

Vaccines are just the first step. Fauci backing this makes me even more cynical

“That’s absolutely not the case, it’s trusted messengers who are part of the community doing that — not government officials. So that’s where I think the disconnect is.”

“Trusted messengers.” The Stasi were trusted messengers.

Biden and the DNC want to monitor your text messages

The Democratic National Committee reportedly wants Short Message Service (SMS) carriers to step in and police private text messages as part of a new push against COVID-19 vaccine misinformation. Allies of President Joe Biden, including the DNC, plan to “engage fact-checkers more aggressively” and work alongside phone companies to combat misinformation about vaccines shared via social media and private SMS messages, according to a Monday report from Politico.

If you think this is about COVID you’re naïve.

The Biden regime is actively censoring Facebook

That makes Facebook a government agency.

Biden’s FBI wants you to turn in your friends and neighbors

The FBI took to Twitter Sunday to encourage families to watch out for “homegrown violent extremism.” “Family members and peers are often best positioned to witness signs of mobilization to violence. Help prevent homegrown violent extremism,” the FBI’s tweet read in part. Family members and peers are often best positioned to witness signs of mobilization to violence. Help prevent homegrown violent extremism.

Let’s translate this. It means help us identify “Trump supporters” and “conservatives.”

Biden wants to cede control of America to the UN

The U.S. State Department has asked the United Nations for help ending “systemic racism.” Secretary of State Antony Blinken gave the United Nations a “formal, standing invitation” to send human rights experts to the U.S. in order to address “systemic racism” in a press release sent out Tuesday. “It is in this context that the United States intends to issue a formal, standing invitation to all UN experts who report and advise on thematic human rights issues,” Blinken said. “As a first step, we have reached out to offer an official visit by the UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism and the UN Special Rapporteur on minority issues.”

When exactly did the US become “systemically racist”?  America twice elected a black President and may have elected a sort of black Vice President despite her being a bag of hammers. Republicans heartily support black conservatives and it’s democrat liberals who deride them as “Uncle Tom’s.” Or “Uncle Tim’s.”

For some left-wing activists, Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina is an “Uncle Tom” for allying himself with the GOP. Except they don’t call him “Uncle Tom.” They call him “Uncle Tim.” Get it? Ha, ha. Very funny!

And racist.

Yes, it’s an overtly racist label. It’s also an unintentionally ironic attack, considering it was Scott who asserted this week that “America is not a racist country.” It’s as if left-wingers heard the senator say this and took it as a challenge, responding collectively with a defiant, “Oh yeah? We’ll show you how racist we can be!” Naturally, there is nothing so vile that can be said about a Republican lawmaker, and particularly a black Republican lawmaker, that some MSNBC guest isn’t willing to defend. Meet MSNBC regular Christina Greer, who argued this week that the people calling Scott “Uncle Tim” have a point.

The jackasses even find a way to rationalize it.

The National Police Force is materializing

The “Capitol police” are moving outside of the Capitol.

Democrats want to fund the Capitol, nay, National Police to the tune of $2 billion.  There’s even more good news. The National Police will be using Army surveillance gear to monitor Trump supporters, er, I mean alleged threats.

U.S. Capitol Police will start using Army surveillance equipment to monitor Americans as part of a larger effort to improve security and turn the force into “an intelligence-based protective agency” in the wake of the storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

Last week, the USCP took possession of eight Persistent Surveillance Systems Ground – Medium (PSSG-M) units, fulfilling a request that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin approved on June 2. The units capture high-definition video and include night vision, but do not feature facial recognition capabilities.

The National Police will be accountable to no one.

Just the way democrats would want it. Don’t underestimate what’s transpiring.

They said Trump was a fascist dictator. He’s a piker in contrast to this.

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