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Welcome back to Day 87 of the Harris* Occupation! On to the crazy:

4/2021 – Don’t Give Your Money to the Left!

A Guide to Charitable Giving for the Political Right (a work-in-progress) – bookmark this one & share

4/9 – New Hampshire Governor opposes COVID-19 vax passports

I’d like it if steps like this weren’t necessary, but welcome to 2021

4/10 – Climate Insanity: German Greens, Conservatives Push For 100s Of Wind Turbines In Black Forest!

I hear that the wood from these trees will be used to fuel Kerry’s private jet


What should be noteworthy in a sane world is no dumber than a thousand other dumb statements we get from The Radical Left these day

4/11 – Laughing at AOC Triggers Visit From Police

That’s just not fair – it would take a cold, dark heart to not be able to laugh at the antics of Gulag Barbie

4/12 – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Sues CDC Over Cruise Industry Shutdown

Again, stuff I’d rather not see but if lawfare puts these jackyls on the defensive it’s energy that can’t be used to wage war on us Normals

4/13 – What it will look like for us if history repeats itself

History may not repeat, but it rhymes. I’m surprised that this post didn’t mention Venezuela, as the parallels today are a lot closer to them as opposed to the other Socialists seizing power in the previous century.

4/14 – The Left Claims Tucker Carlson Is A White Supremacist For Quoting Their Plans For Crushing Republican Voters Through Amnesty

I’m reminded of a great line from the otherwise disappointing Star Trek V, where Kirk asks, “Excuse me? But if you’re God, why do you need a ship?” Needless to say, Kirk’s question did not go over well. Just like TuCa’s calling out Leftist racism gets the usual projection of them calling him a racist.

4/15 – Progressive white women are crazy because the left makes them that way

Interesting take on how straight white women find themselves as both victims and oppressors on the Leftist Hierarchy of Hate

4/16 – Transgender Sports Solution: No More Male/Female Division, Let the Strongest Athletes Play (Video)

I’ve been making this argument for a while now. The gand at Right Angle does their usual great job with this topic.

Have a great weekend!

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