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Welcome back to Day 52 of the Biden* Occupational Force! You’d think that after successfully seizing power our Lefty pals would be happy instead of losing their minds, and yet here we are. Case in point:


I wish that Gov. Coonman here in VA would behave more like these Neanderthals from The Nutmeg state.

3/5 – 36-Year-Old Woman ‘is Gang Raped’ by Migrants ‘After Stopping to Talk to Them about Their Situation’

Coming soon to the US – Europe’s “Acts of Love”!

3/5 – “Fundamental Transformation” Weaponized

I agree with most of this post until the end – Every day makes it look like 2020 was the poit of no return

3/6 – Joy Reid Says the Quiet Part Out Loud

Except that the quiete part is no longer so quiet now, is it?

3/7 – Don’t Fall For Andrew Cuomo #MeToo, #COVID-19 Take Down

Of course that’s the goal – wouldn’t want a light shined on how horribly Democrat governors handled 2020, now would we?

3/8 – Dems’ ‘Election Reforms’ Would End American Democracy As We Know It

Sorry to sound like a cynic, but this “Election Reform” merely formalizes 2020. My prediction is that this bill will get shot down in the courts (mainly for unconstitutionally granting DC statehood), and Democrats will simply ignore them.

3/9 – The pernicious labeling of products on supermarket shelves by the ethnicity of the owners of the company that made them

I’ll use this as a handy guide to not buy the products being pushed, and yes this is more than hollow words, as Giant is the main supermarket where I shop. The Radical Left will read my statement as “proof” of bigotry, while Normals will actually read the article and understand that my gesture is to discourage the road where this labeling will eventually lead.

3/10 – Twelve States Sue Biden Over Climate Executive Order

We need more of this. My big question is where is our version of the squadron of “Hawaiian Judges” from Texas to slam immediate injunctions on every insane Executive Order or bit of radical legislation that the Democrats have been shoving up into America?

3/11 – The Emperor Is Naked and Senile Too

As always, Kurt Schlichter nails it.

Likely, at some point, the rest of the elite will decide that the masquerade has gone as far as it can and the ruling caste no longer benefits by pretending Ole Gropey is A-OK. The elite is ruthless when it senses one of its own has outlived his usefulness – remember Emmy-winning American hero Andrew Cuomo? He’s toast, and his girl-grabbing wasn’t even near as gross as Grandpa Badfinger’s antics. Oh, and Cuomo killed a few thousand normal people but hey, he made some liberal women who knowingly hung out with male Democrat politicians uncomfortable and that’s convenient for getting him out of the way, so sayonara, sucker.

3/12 – Most American Schools Are Damaging Your Child

Once again, if one positive has come from everything 2020, it’s the bright light that’s now shining on the rot that is our public education system

Have a great weekend – Beware The Ides of March and have a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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