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Welcome back! So… anything interesting happen this week? I hope that you all had a great holiday season, whether you celebrated Chanukah, Christmas, or in Kamala Harris’ case, Kwanwaa. I appreciate all of your patience with me during the last two weeks’ short posts, and we’re back to normal now. I can’t promise I won’t cheat again on my Friday link by using a story from Australia so I can wrap up coding on Thursday afternoon, but you’ll see it a lot less often. This has been another crazy week in Bobville, with big changes for both Sister Babe’s and my job situations (both good but busy), combined with all of the fun of getting to be Little Bob’s unpaid school proctors on his first week back from Christmas Break. But it’s a new year and no more excuses – time to get back to our regularly scheduled TWIRL:

12/29 – Shot: Thousands of Sex Offenders Now Eligible for Early Release Thanks to CA Supreme Court

Chaser: Los Angeles “Superspreader Task Force” Arrest Hundreds At New Year’s Parties

The true tragedy of this is that the same idiots who are fleeing California will turn around and vote for this same garbage to ruin the well-run red or purple states to which they’re fleeing

1/1 – Fighting to close schools so she can vacation in a covid hotspot

This post only has one pic, but other stories that have more from her Twitter feed remind me of the sagelike wisdom of Robert Palmer: “A pretty face don’t make no pretty heart”. And if you’re wondering why the song at the link sounds slightly different than the version you’re used to, it’s the update that Palmer made for his Greatest Hits album

1/2 – Nancy Pelosi’s House Vandalized

In an all too sad personal trend, just a few years ago I would not have hesitated to condemn this. Now I just shrug – if feeling pain personally is the only thing that will get Democrats to condemn bad behavior then so be it. The article also mentions that Cocaine Mitch got the same treatment.

1/3 – Stupid City, Stupid Mayor: Homicide Increases 55% in Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago

We say this a lot, but seriously people – stop voting for this (excrement). Getting people killed isn’t cute or funny.

1/4 – Here’s Proof the Pentagon Must Get Out of the ‘Climate Change’ Racket

I thought that separation of Church and State would be enough?

1/4 – The Exorcism of John McCain – A Rant  (Video)

Razorfist gives a seven minute tribute to the family that might have done more to flip Arizona to the Democrats that the Democrats themselves

1/5 – Senator Josh Hawley Blasts Washington Post For “Printing outright lies” About Protesters That Threatened His Young Family In Their DC Home Last Night

I keep saying this, but I sincerely mean this as freindly advice to Lefties: You m ight want to give some serious thought as to where this may lead. Hawley’s wwife & neighbors were nice. You’re not going to like what happens when you harass a family that is not so nice.

1/6  – Dennis Prager’s profound and disturbing meditation about “good Germans”

Not the happiest topic, but you’ll also want to click through and read all of Prager’s article.

1/7 – Perhaps what happened yesterday wasn’t so surprising

Oddly enough, legitimate requests to investigate voter irregularities getting met with sneers of “Shut up, conspiracy theorist!” don’t get received with meek submission. Except from the Vichy Republicans, of course.

1/8 – The Left Slanderously Accuses Trump of Inciting the Capitol Riot

I believe it was Ace who one quipped, “Projection ain’t just a river in Egypt”

Closing out with two from the archives, I remember two of my departed cousins. One died about a month ago. I think he was about fifteen years older than me and we weren’t close, but it’s always sad to lose family. Although the post isn’t about him, it was a gesture by him eleven years ago (and just a few months before I’d meet Sister Babe) that became the inspiration for one of my first long pieces, How a Mix of 70’s Music Helped Me Appreciate Where We Are Today As a Society.

And I don’t know if you follow pro wrestling, but Chris Candido was my cousin (or more accurately, 2nd or 3rd cousin), and he died back in 2005. Chris is probably best remembered as having Sunny (arguably the most popular popular woman in wrestling in the 90s, but hasn’t fared so well herself) accompanying him to ringside, but he made a name for himself as a wrestler, mainly in ECW. I just wrote this post on Christmas Day, and for obvious reasons this only appeared on my own blog & not Flopping Aces. And on that day I shared a story of the coolest Christmas gift I ever got in the short post, Remembering Chris Candido.

Have a great weekend!

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