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Donald Trump made a call to the Georgia Secretary of State the other day.

That’s where the agreement about everything ends.

Right on cue, democrats are once again in the same ditch they’ve been in for the last four years, i.e. making a crime out of nothing.

State and federal officials have called for investigations into whether President Trump violated election laws — or possibly committed other crimes — in his Saturday phone call to Georgia’s secretary of state.

A recording of the one-hour call was released Sunday by the Washington Post. The president is heard pressuring Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, to “find 11,780 votes” that would put him in the lead over President-elect Joe Biden in Georgia, which has already certified its results.

Trump also threatens Raffensperger with the possibility of criminal charges unless he comes up with the votes to overturn the election results.

That’s nonsense. Both sides had lawyers present.  A closer examination reveals something completely different.


“We just want the truth. Let the truth come out”

Did someone say vote analysis?

Trump Team asks GA’s office to can go over the data together to see why their illegal vote analyses are different. GA Sec. of State’s office says they’re not sure if they can share the data President Trump responds (rhetorically): “…but you can have a phony election?

More intrigue

Team Trump (lawyer): says he requested (6 times) for the GA state department’s “internal numbers” Team Raffensperger (lawyer): “there are things under law we are not allowed to give out”

Team Trump claims to have hard evidence:

Team Trump (lawyer): explains how they have “hard numbers” showing 24,000+ illegal votes & that the’ve checked these numbers with 3+ different experts & chartered accountants He then makes a manifestly reasonable request for both sides to sit down & go over the numbers together.

Team Trump then asks about ballot stuffing, ballot shredding and ballot machines being moved.

Raffensberger’s lawyers deny all of it.

Thing is, when the GA SoS says he can’t share information from a public election something is very wrong.

There is no doubt that Trump knew this conversation would be leaked. I would not be surprised to learn that it was Team Trump who leaked it.


I suspect that Raffensberger is being set up and the hammer might be being raised right now.

“Let the truth come out”

Indeed. We’ll see in a couple of days.

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