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There has been a lot of boasting about the Kraken. Sidney Powell, for whom I have a lot of respect, promised us a Kraken some time ago but has been rebuffed repeatedly in her efforts to draw attention to what appears to be solid evidence of voter fraud. Recounts are pretty much worthless if you ignore the safeties provided, i.e. despite there being tens of millions more mail in ballots the rejection rate went way down. Signature matching is critical for mail in ballots and democrats have made every effort to suppress it.

But it turns out the real Kraken has been released. It is by all accounts a remarkable document and its being kept secret is a thing of beauty. It has caught democrat completely off guard.

The bottom line:

Robert Barnes makes it simple:


I haven’t made too much of previous lawsuits based on my feeds from Parler and Twitter. I am not a lawyer but there are a whole lot of really good lawyers on the feed and it is their enthusiasm that encourages me.

SCOTUS has agreed to take it on

Best of all, George Conway thinks it’s insane.

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