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Four years ago, just prior to the elections, and I was among the many who believed that Hillary was most likely to win the election, I wrote The Moral Argument for “Let it Burn”. It’s a somewhat long piece, but in my humble opinion I’d argue was one of my best posts. The quick summary is that if our country is in an inevitable decline (which was slowed down, but hardly stopped by president Trump’s election), then we have a moral obligation to rip the band aid off as soon as possible rather than compound the amount of repair needed afterward. Our country has too many people smart enough, patriotic enough, and with the will to ensure that the idea of America endures. So why am I so convinced that we are on borrowed time?

The gang at Right Angle made an excellent video on a Politico piece pointing out that even if Biden wins he’s still screwed. I could have written a simple three-word summary, “He has dementia.” But of course they laid out may more practical reasons, such as GOP control of the Senate, the fact that Beijing Biden didn’t win by the sweeping mandate they promised, etc. Luckily, all the headaches President Trump would face are nothing different from what he’s been enduring for four years. And this time he’ll have enough DC experience to avoid the growing pains of his first year or two of adjusting from private sector to government. But America’s inevitable downfall goes beyond this election.

The Radical Left has overrun education, the media, and entertainment. Crushing American culture is huge, but not the end. Look at the Democratic Party and how far they’ve radicalized over the last two decades. Five years ago I pointed out that by 2015 standards Bill Clinton would have been branded as a Tea Party radical by Leftists. Since then, they’ve gone even more off the deep end – getting rid of the police while demanding that citizens disarm, the completely insane Green New Deal, supporting the destruction of predominately black neighborhoods, killing our energy industry, etc. Jim Geraghty offered some constructive criticism yesterday that will come off as hate speech to most Leftists. The flow of history tells us that at some point Democrats will come back into power, as in having the Presidency and both houses of Congress.

Look at what they did the last time they had this power in the first two years of Obama’s presidency – Obamacare, Dodd Frank, etc. A decade later Democrats don’t even try to hide how much they despise half of this country. And when it comes to pushing their radical agendas, they are smart and disciplined. Us Normals like to crow about the electoral bloodbath that Dems faced in 2010, but so what? They got Obamacare, and the feckless GOP has shown they have no stomach to repeal. The next time they come into power you can look no further than recently turned states like Virginia to see the destruction they’re ready to unleash on America. “So Bob,” you may be asking, “Are you saying we just give up?”


America is the greatest country to ever exist on this Earth. Have we been perfect? No. But no country has done more to spread freedom and prosperity in its relatively short existence than the USA. Even when the Democrat pathogen spreads across the country, the Normals will start exercising the power of “No.” We’ll start pushing back, for that matter we already are in terms of shunning the institutions that they’ve destroyed and building our own. I’m guessing that a Kurt Schlicter novel-esque split will happen into Red & Blue America. And eventually people will see which side governs better. Only this time Leftists will not be allowed to uncontrollably migrate from the states that they ruined, only to then vote in the same policies that ruined the s*** holes that their votes created.

There is a lot of pain ahead, but it won’t be the end of America. And we’ll be ready. But for now, we can start by following the sage advice of Warren Zevon. Because as David Mustaine once said, this one ain’t over ’til the fat lady dies.

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