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Welcome back! No time to waste, so let’s get to it:

10/8 – Systemic Madness

This is a tough post to read. It starts off pointing out how mental illness is prevelant among Portland Antifa. And as it drills down into the reasons it quickly stops being amusing and becomes as serious as cancer.

10/9 – Perhaps Tom Wolf can send her the tip on which she was stiffed

For the Totalitarion Left, this is the genius of their strategy. By pushing enforcement down to entry level workers it moves the animus from the government (where it belongs) to the unwillingly deputized.

10/9 – Pope Condemns Death Penalty While Praising Pro-Death Penalty Imam

This week’s edition of “I miss the days of when the line ‘Is the Pope Catholic?’ was a joke, rather than a serious question”

10/10 – Whitmer kidnap plotter was BLM supporter. That’s THREE of the six who were ANTI-TRUMP

…Aaaaaand the media can move on from the narrative that President Trump is somehow responsible for the actions of these loons

10/10 – Get Woke, Go Broke – Another Round of ESPN Layoffs…

This may seem kind of immature, but lately whenever I hear a story like this I immediately think of that cheesy line form an old King Diamond song, “I’ll be the first, to watch your funeral… And I’ll be the last, to leave!”

10/11 – Woke NFL To Promote “National Coming Out Day” During Sunday Night Football (Video)

Me: Now that I’m among the many who are no longer watching the NFL, I’m sure that they’re not going to get even more radicalized, right?

Roger Goodell: Hold my spiked pssion fruit seltzer.

10/12 – Left-wing Radicals Post Online Guide to ‘Disrupting’ the Country if Election is Close

These people may be a bunch of crazy punks, but they are well organized and funded. If Minneapolis, Chicago, Portland, etc. have taught us, “It can’t happen here. Until it does.”

10/13 – More Va. Public Schools Using Kids As Guinea Pigs For Critical Race Theory

A scary look at Democrats’ efforts to roll back The Civil Rights Act. It’s easy to say “it can’t happen here” until it does.

10/14 – What Happened to the Riots?

The simple answer is when internal polling found that Normals don’t like a bunch of priviledged brats destroying our neighborhoods and facing no consquences. I really hope that Barr’s prosecutions reach up to the planners and funders of these riots. I’m sure it will happen around the time that everyone behind the Russia Hoax gets prosecuted.

10/15 – Destroying the Institutions We Inherited

The always great Victor Davis Hanson ties together a number of this year’s big stories

10/16 – Tyranny in Texas

For anyone reading this who thinks that moving to a Conservative state will shield you from Leftist tyranny, think again.

ICYMI – Even the Food Critic of the Washington Post Hates the Commoners

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