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Sister Babe’s insistence on subscribing to The Washington Post’s Sunday edition always gives me some great insight into the Leftist mind. This past Sunday included an incredibly insulting article by their Food Critic, Tom Sietsema. Even though most of the Washington Post magazine insert was dedicated to how the DC eateries will get back on their feet, there was one short article showing a complete obliviousness to what they are going through. The post is called “7 Restaurant Trends I Don’t Miss”. It’s a short read if you don’t mind giving WaPo a click, and seems innocouous enough. Here’s the list if you’re curious but don’t want to give them a click: No reservations, Earsplitting Dining Rooms, Help-yourself bread baskets, Communal tables, Crowded bars, Epic specials, and Tight seating. Like I said, nothing sinister here, but look at the seven items and see if you can pick up on the common thread before you read the next paragraph.

Did you see it? I actually agree that those seven things can make your night out less enjoyable. But they only exist (or did) in restaurants that are busy, or simply, prosperous. If they’re crowded or are offering so many options, it’s because they are bringing in business, and with it the jobs that go with them. Less crowded eateries means fewer jobs, less in tips, and makes it harder for the owners to keep the doors open. As you look through the pages of the Sunday WaPo you’ll see no shortage of hardship stories of people who’ve been hurt by the Kung Flu Virus and the Boogie Wuhan Flu. But when you read a flippant article like this it makes you wonder if the staff at WaPo’s “concern” for those affected ends where their plight can be used to campaign against President Trump. The lockdown is having very real affects on people across every level of our economy. It must be nice to have a billionaire sugar daddy who’s been profiting hand over fist from 2020 and to be oblivious to those who’ve been hurt. The rest of America doesn’t need a sugar daddy, just a President that will continue to push to take the boot off of the throat of our economy. And if you’re not sure who that candidate is, you just might be a food critic for The Washington Post.

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