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Remember obama saying that? I do. We are in the midst of this ongoing effort and a battle for the survival of America.

democrats are very, very good at something.


They have a history of accusing Republicans of their own crimes- Hillary Clinton is exceptionally good at this. She bought and paid for disinformation on Donald Trump and then smeared him with it for years. democrats happily went along with it. So when I read democrats accusing Trump of being a Nazi or comparing him to Hitler I know something is afoot.

Together with the FBI and CIA, they accuse Trump of resisting a peaceful transition of power while they undermined a peaceful transition of power in 2016.

Funded heavily by George Soros, they are preparing to construct a fascist dictatorship. Should they win all parts of the government, democracy will die. It will be a “progressive” transformation.

Adam Schiff tells us that democrats would do away with the electoral college, which would make the country entirely subservient to New York and California.

And in other news, left wing groups plot to punish anyone  who thinks out of line. Antifa threatens businesses who won’t comply with their bidding.


YELP opens a new of line of extortion. The mere accusation of racism will see your business destroyed.

In a bizarre turn of events, Yelp announced on Twitter that they will soon be labeling businesses that are ACCUSED of racist behavior.

All around us are examples of burgeoning left wing fascism.

A Texas sorority sister said she was scolded and stripped of her official position by the organization’s leadership for posting a video on social media showing a sign that said “All Lives Matter.”

“The statement All Lives Matter is extremely hurtful to our sisters and is very unsisterly,” reads the sorority charging document filed against Jaycie Barton, a senior at the University of Texas at San Antonio and member of the Zeta Tau Alpha-Lambda Gamma sorority. A copy of the document was obtained by the Washington Examiner. “ZTA stands for Black Lives Matter and the statement All Lives Matter goes against ZTA’s belief.”

A Vermont principal was fired for wrongthink.

WINDSOR, Vt. (WCAX) – The Mount Ascutney School Board has voted to fire the Windsor School’s principal following comments she made online about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Tiffany Riley recently wrote on her personal Facebook page, “I firmly believe that Black Lives Matter, but I DO NOT agree with the coercive measures taken to get to this point…”

A Louisville police Major is fired for an email (accurately) criticizing Black Lives Matters.

A Catholic teached is fired for criticizing BLM.

A Michigan teacher is fired for supporting Trump.

A dental assistant is fired for supporting Trump.

You can be fired from any job for not supporting BLM.

Black Lives Matter will harass you and disrupt your lives until you come around to bowing before them.

It doesn’t matter what your job or profession might be. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a position of power or prestige—in fact being in a position of power might make you more of a target. The only thing that can protect you from the BLM movement’s punitive rage is fealty. Bend the knee, and you might be spared. Then again, you might not.

Worse, the Soros-funded DA’s refuse to prosecute BLM/Antifa criminals

The Multnomah County District Attorney released data related to the Portland protests and riot arrests, revealing that most cases since George Floyd’s death were dropped and a majority of cases were rejected in the “interest of justice.”

The new “Mass Demonstration/Protest Case” is the most complete data to date made available to the public regarding the Black Lives Matter-Antifa riots and protests that have convulsed Portland since May. The overview documents filing status, dropped cases, the reasons cases weren’t pursued, nature of crimes and demographic information.

Between May 29 and Oct. 5, there were 974 cases brought to the MCDA’s office by Portland Police. Many involve repeat offenders though the number isn’t published in the report. Nearly 70 percent of these cases were dropped. 543 cases were rejected in the “interest of justice,” 44 cases due to “insufficient evidence,” 12 cases due to “a legal impediment,” and 67 cases are “pending investigative follow-up from law enforcement.”

And then there’s Biden.

Biden says voters “don’t deserve to know” his views on packing the Courts or his potential nominees. What else do we not deserve to know? Who decides?

This is worth your time. Biden’s puppet masters plan on changing our entire form of government.

A candidate who doesn’t believe you deserve to know where he stands on important issues does not deserve your vote.

Biden is lying about pretty much everything now.

He will support the Green New Deal

He will ban fracking.

He will cripple fossil fuels and has plainly said he plans to end them.

What he says now means nothing.

You can clearly see from the above that there is a deliberative plot to shut down those who in any way dissent from the liberal BLM/Antifa/DNC orthodoxy. It is an ominous foreboding of what would come to be should democrats take over the government. We would have a marionette President who doesn’t believe voters deserve to know where he stands.

Right now, crimes are not prosecuted. Laws are not enforced. Intimidation reigns. Right now Facebook and especially Twitter routinely censor conservatives.

You think democrats/liberals are intolerant now? Just you wait.

America would become a fascist regime. Barack Obama’s vision will be realized.

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