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Welcome back! Another week that makes us wonder what The Radical Left can do to further demonstrate that they’ve completely lost their minds. They never disappoint, if that’s teh word for it:

PETITION – Hold Elected Officials Accountable for Criminal Activity during Riots

I’ve never been a fan of online petitions in general, so if you see one here you can be sure it’s something I feel strongly about. More info here. Please sign and share!

6/11 – Walmart dipped into it’s petty cash to give looters 100 million…

This is why The Radical Left loves anything that destroys small businesses – it’s much easier to run an effort to shake down one large corporation than a thousand small ones

6/12 – Who Will Protect Us From the Lawlessness of Democrats?

Hint: It’s not the same people who want to abolish the 2nd Amendment

6/13 – Baltimore Fines Church For Holding Services While Thousands Protest In The Streets

Because soem tragets are easier to attack than others

6/13 – Cops Search Fifth-Grader’s House After BB Gun Shows Up On Webcam During Virtual School

Friendly advice to Law Enforcement: You need every ally you can get right now. Antagonizing the people who aren’t calling for your destruction isn’t the smart move right now.

6/14 – Will Leftists Cancel Mahatma Gandhi?

It will probably happen around the time that they wante to tear down MLK for being insufficently woke.

6/15 – CNN’s Brian Stelter goes on the attack, only to have his prey turn on him

Want to watch The Tater get slapped around a bit? Of course you do.

6/15 – The cancellation of LIVE PD and Cops: The era of censorship

I’ve never been a fan of reality TV in general nor of “Cops”, but this post makes a good argument for the show’s value

6/16 – Popular Mechanics Is Now #Woke #Resitance Media, Too: Details How to Safely (Illegally) Tear Down a Statue You Don’t Like

Yes, this is the same publication that once gave us the sober special issue debunking the 9/11 Truthers. Is there any publication left in teh print media that The Radical Left hasn’t destroyed?

6/17 – In Memoriam: Alexandria’s Appomattox Memorial

Serious question for the Lefties: While I don’t agree with this movement to destroy every Confederate statue, I do get your arguments. So if these pieces of our past need to be removed, how are you OK with a Governor who had a racist nickname and in his yearbook page posed in blackface next to a guy in a Klan hood? And why are you now cheering on Separatists who have seceded from America, walling off their own fortresses in cities with an armed force, strict border control and ID check?

6/18 – Live By the Sword, Die By It: The Delicious Downfall Of Rick Wilson

Want to watch a Vichy Conservative get slapped around a bit? Of course you do. You should have listened to Tom Araya’s sage advice, Rick!

6/19 – Video: White George Floyds

The Hodge Twins’ YouTube channel is another one to add to your list – they do a great job of mocking The Radical Left

Have a great weekend!

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