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Narcissists and the Glassy Eye’d Stare


There really is no justice in this country. That moron Emmet Sullivan is making a mockery of the law vis-a-vis Michael Flynn, obama and biden appear poised to dodge culpability on their plot to overthrow Trump and the Hudson Houdini Andrew Cuomo will likely escape prison once again.

Andrew Cuomo has been wrong about the CCP virus- wrong about everything. He was wrong about the number of ventilators and wrong about the number of hospital beds needed, but worst of all he was dead wrong when it came to the elderly. On May 5, Cuomo said

“How much is a human life worth?” Cuomo asked the fawning press and the ever-present television lens. “That’s the real discussion that no one is admitting openly or freely. But we should.”

And then added

“The faster we reopen, the lower the economic cost — but the higher the human cost, because the more lives lost,” he said. “That, my friends, is the decision we are really making.”

Way back in March

Right, except your Mother was expendable. Cuomo sentenced thousands of elderly to death when he mandated that nursing homes accept COVID positive patients.

March 25: Cuomo mandates that nursing homes accept COVID 19 positive patients

April 23: Nursing homes have ‘no right’ to reject coronavirus patients, Cuomo says

“They don’t have a right to object. That is the rule and that is the regulation and they have to comply with that,” Cuomo said during his daily briefing in Albany.

“And the regulation is common sense: if you can’t provide adequate care, you can’t have the patient in your facility and that’s your basic fiduciary obligation — I would say, ethical obligation — and it’s also your legal obligation.”

Cuomo said that if a nursing home can’t properly quarantine and treat COVID-19 patients with separate staffers, it’s required to move them to another facility or ask the state Department of Health to arrange a transfer.

April 26: Cuomo doubles down on ordering nursing homes to admit coronavirus patients

“A nursing home can only provide care for a patient who they believe they can provide adequate care for,’’ Cuomo said. “If they cannot provide adequate care for a patient, they must transfer that patient.”

He said that if the nursing home can’t find another adequate facility, it should call the state Department of Health.

“I have John, I don’t know where to send John,’’ Cuomo said of a possible nursing-home scenario. “Call the DOH, we’ll find a place for John. That’s how it works.

Then finally on May 10, after countless deaths

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has finally admitted — tacitly and partially, anyway — the mistake that was state health chief Howard Zucker’s order that nursing homes must admit coronavirus-positive patients.

On Sunday, Cuomo announced a new regulation: Such patients must now test negative for the virus before hospitals can return them to nursing homes. Yet the gov also admitted that COVID-19 cases might still go to the facilities via other routes, and didn’t explicitly overrule Zucker’s March 25 mandate that homes must accept people despite their testing status — indeed, couldn’t even require a test pre-admission.

New York under counted the number of elderly deaths in nursing homes by at least 1700.

It’s not as though there wasn’t a warning sign. The losses specifically in nursing homes in Washington state made very clear the elderly were most vulnerable. It didn’t take a genius to figure that one out in a second.

Then Pope Cuomo changed his tune

“As a society, you can’t save everyone. You’re gonna lose people, that’s life,” Cuomo told reporters amid reports of nursing home deaths exceeding 5,000. “But we did everything we could.”

And he continued to get more and more smug and haughty. Just listen to this a**hole.

Got that? Nobody should be prosecuted. After all, these are old people. They’re going to die anyway.

“Older people, vulnerable people, are going to die from this virus,” Cuomo added. “That is going to happen despite whatever you do, with all our progress as a society, we can’t keep everyone alive. Older people are more vulnerable.  That is a fact that is not going to change.”

Who’s responsible? Not me, says Cuomo.

“How do we get justice for those families of those 139 deaths?” Cuomo said. “Who can we prosecute for those 139 deaths? Nobody. Mother Nature, God, where did this virus come from? People are going to die by this virus, that is the truth.”

Then came CYA time:

“We’ve tried everything to keep it out of a nursing home, but it’s virtually impossible,” Cuomo recently told reporters. “Now is not the best time to put your mother in a nursing home. That is a fact.”

The freaking hell he did. Cuomo should be held accountable for his arrogant stupidity, but he’ll escape accountability as he did more than twenty years ago when he made predator lending legal and grossly exacerbated the financial crisis which fell on George W. Bush. From ten years ago:

Cuomo hasn’t sued anybody over these outrageous payments to brokers—which are based on the “spread” between the high interest rate that brokers persuade unwary borrowers to accept and the par or going rate they would ordinarily have to pay. If Cuomo did sue, it might make for an awkward moment or two in court, since it was Cuomo who issued a rule in 1999 that dozens of federal courts have since found legalized the yield-spread premiums. He was the first HUD secretary to say they were “not illegal per se,” nullifying most of the 150 class-action lawsuits against them filed across the country.

Larry O’Connor of Townhall describes Cuomo with a perfect description: sanctimonious and preening.

Spot on. Cuomo is a smarmy, sanctimonious preening prick who, as I said years ago, belongs be in prison. Between him and that complete idiot DeBlasio New York sure knows how to pick ’em.

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