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Welcome back! Things are still crazy in Bobworld, so this week’s will be another relatively light post:

4/22 – Study: 56% of Liberal Women Under Age 30 Have Been Diagnosed as Mentally Ill

The Other McCain does a dive into the Leftist menality. Not that you were wondering how I can be happily married to a woman who voted for Hillary, but this post illustrates perfectly the mindset that sets Sister Babe apart from too many Lefties

4/23 – CNN Calls for Closing Grocery Stores to Customers

Here’s a better idea – shut down the NY subway system instead of arresting hikers out in the countryside. I have a feeling that CNN’s tune on lockdown will change very quickly.

4/24 – democrats whip two black representatives for wandering off the plantation

I don’t normally link Flopping Aces since most of you have already seen them, but if Dr. John hadn’t written thispost I would have. Democrats have never stopped hating their plantation escapees…

4/25- The media’s agenda has done (and continues to do) enormous damage to America

Given that the MSM’s purpose has become to push an extremist Leftist agenda, rather than to report facts and inform the public, this shoudl be no surprise

4/26 – Lysol Injections and UV Enemas…

A bit longer than what I usually post, but the Shepherd analogy is well worth your read

4/26 – Corona-chan is killing the college scam

Many of the victims killed by the Kung Flu Virus and the Boogie Wuhan Flu already had some preexisting condition that weakened them and left them suceptable to the virus. Our colleges and universities also fall into this category.

4/27 – Judge Says Northam’s Gun-Range Shutdown Violates State Law

One of the rare pieces of good news regarding Virginia’s government these days

4/28 – A Michigan student was arrested and charged for posting this photo

I say that we nuke the entire college and university system from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

4/29 – The Great Reveal

The virus has revealed quite a bit obout our society, ad it’s not good. Personally, I’m glad that they’re being exposed and can be addressed.

4/30 – Tara Reade and the Democrats

This needs a post of its own, but for now I’ll just say that I am enjoying the fact that Biden and the Democrats deserve each other on so many levels.

5/1 – FBI-DOJ Conspiracy Against Flynn Unravels

Another massive scandal that the MSM will do its damndest to ignore. For the first time since the Democrats’ Russiagate scandal started I’m actually optimistic that some of these criminals will actually see jail time. And hopefully it won’t be at a minimum security prison, but instead a Federal Pound Me in the A** Prison

ICYMI – I deflate some insane assertions by The Washington Compost that the Supreme Court has destroyed our country with Supreme Court Inequality

Have a great weekend!

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