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Welcome back! Hopefully you’ve recovered from your Super Bowl hangover and are getting by getting your sports fix from hockey and hoops. Or just enjoy Lefty insanity! Like this:


At this point one could start making the case that every moment of CNN programming could be considered donations to President Trump’s re-election campaign

1/31 – Rashida Tlaib led the crowd in booing Hillary Clinton. (Video)

More of this, please. There’s just not enough popcorn in the world!

2/1 – Is There a 1984 in Our Future? A Super Bowl Sunday Reflection

This post turned out to be a lot more interesting than I thought it would be – the title had me thinking it would be a Surveillance State piece.

2/2 – District Attorney In Maine Wants To Start Prosecuting People Based On Accusations And Nothing Else

Because due process can be so tedious when there are lives to be destroyed

2/3 – Everything You’ve Ever Seen About Cuba Is A Lie (Video)

Turning Point visited Cuba and made a powerful video that is well worth 14 minutes of your time. Behold Bernie & Gulag Barbie’s vision for America’s future

2/4 – The Hate America Project

No, it’s not just a summary of the Democratic Party’s platform. This one talks about the insane 1619 Project’s effort to rewrite American history

2/5 – Horowitz: How Trump can turn his SOTU smackdown of sanctuary cities into action

This sounds too brilliant and practical to actually happen

2/6 – WATCH: AOC Viciously Mocks Rush, Calls It “Nauseating” that he Was Honored

Kurt Schlichter’s tribute to Rush was so dead on IO’ll cite the most relevant piece to sum up Gulag Barbie’s sentiment:

How they hate him. His announcement was met by determination and faith from his friends and vile delight by his enemies on the left. Did you see a single major Democrat take to social media to wish him well? Keep that in mind when they invite you to disarm.

2/7 – Why are so many Democratic/liberal women so insecure about their looks?

I was genuinely surprised to see an actual article written here. I was expecting to click and find five words below the header pic: “Because Leftist women are ugly”

No archives this week. I’m publishing this piece from 33,000 feet flying home from a brief Florida invasion of Legoland. Although over two days our six trips on the Ninjago ride fell well short of last year’s thirteen, this year that was supplemented by seven trips on the Wild Safari roller coaster. I hope you’re having a great weekend!

And since this was a mini vacation week for me, this week’s tweets are only funny ones (OK, maybe not the one I wrote). Fans of Animal House will love the last one!

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