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The left wing media last week: The people of Iran love Soleimani and Khamenei!

This week: Who knew they hated Soleimani and Khamenei? But it’s still Trump’s fault!

Donald Trump has frequently referred to the left wing media as the “enemy of the people.” They then cry about it and whine about a free press but then go on to prove Trump was right.

The press shoved down our throats the notion that the people of Iran loved Qasem Soleimani despite him killing 1500 Iranian protesters last November. Chris Matthews likened Soleimani to Elvis and Princess Diana. The press was impressed with the numbers of mourners without even bothering to note that the “mourners” were ordered into the streets. Schools and shops were ordered closed. They either mourned or they died.

Soleimani also was responsible for the deaths and maiming of thousands of American soldiers.

Journalists mourned Soleimani.

Soleimani was the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).  Iran has admitted that the Republican Guard shot down the Ukrainian jet. They assert that it was an “accident” but given their mendacity one has to wonder.

The flames of the wreckage were not yet out when the left wing derelict media began blaming not the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, but Trump. Joy Reid spit out the language of her Iranian handlers.

2020 democrats blamed Trump.

No democrat blamed the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Not one.

No one in the left wing media blamed the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, which actually accepted the blame.

“The officials, including aviation authorities, who kept denying a missile hit, are not guilty. We are to blame for everything.”

In 2016 the head of the IRGC aerospace division bragged that anyone in the Guard Corps had the authority to shoot down any aircraft.

No, say democrats. No, says the left wing media. It’s all Trump’s fault.

But the people of Iran know better. They blame Soleimani. They blame Khamenei

They refuse to trash the US and Israel. Boy is this going to piss democrats and the media off.

Watch what happens when some do

This is a marvelous thing to witness

Jake Tapper has had an epiphany, otherwise known as cover your ass.

David Brooks, the perennial blind squirrel, found an acorn. He said “Trump has made us all stupid.”

By being so overwrought and exaggerated, the echo chamber drowned out any practical conversation about how to stabilize the Middle East so we could have another righteous chorus of “Donald Trump is a monster!”

Indeed. Trump has made the media/democrat echo chamber stupid.

Very stupid.

Donald Trump posted tweets in support of the protests. This is how they were received:

That is going to cause democrat heads to explode. As of this writing not one democrat has signaled support for the Iranian protesters.

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