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Welcome back! I hope you had a great Christmas, or are having a Happy Chanukah, or at the very least are not as miserable as our Lefty pals. How are our Lefty pals angry? Let me count the ways!

12/20 – NYT: Impeachment rightfully gives losers tyranny over winners

I haven’t linked to the Bookworm in a while, and the site gives this week’s edition of “One of my favorite things about the Trump Presidency is how Democrats now feel completely comfortable in admitting how much they despise half of the country”

12/20 – Chicago’s Recipe for More Crime

You can take a wild guess as to the cause

12/21 – Virginia Burning

This needs to be a bigger story, as what we’re seeing in the state where I live is a preview of how Democrats will try to punish America the next time they take the White House.


The whole idea, of course, is based on skin color — that is the obvious, visual, proof of ‘real’ diversity. And be very sure you have someone very black in the group, or it will not be diverse. It’s more a talking point for Democrats because Democrats believe they are entitled to be in charge because they are morally superior. They are morally superior because they care, and because they care they are carefully diverse, and try to demonstrate that characteristic at every opportunity, because they divide their voters up into groups.


When demand for white supremacists exceeds demand

12/24 – The Green Road to Serfdom

Of course, to The Radical Left, serfdom is a feature, not a bug

12/25 – Make Gas Cans Great Again & Lock Up the “Snow Blower Vote”

I thought my being unable to operate these insanely designed cans was just me being mechanically declined. I feel better now about completely unscrewing the cap whenever I need to pour gas

12/26 – Again We Ask: Why Isn’t Rachel Maddow Treated Like Other Crazy Conspiracy Theorists?

If you have to ask…

12/27 – Why do so many people view President Trump as a threat?

From the archives, we go back to the start of 2019 when I declared And the 2018 Person of the Year Is… With Greta so predominately in the news this post aged incredibly well!

And if I don’t blog at you between now & Wednesday morning Happy New Year!

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