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Greetings, all! I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving, and after a day of giving thanks you’ve made the smooth transition to spending the rest of the weekend focusing on material goods! Speaking of not understanding gratitude…

11/20 – LGBT Agenda Shuts Down Christian Adoption Agency

Becasue seeing more kids in orphanages is better – for the children!

11/21 – Minnesota: Civil Rights Lawsuit Filed by Grandmother Threatened with Prosecution for Filming Mosque Violations

Leftist no longer try to hide the fact that they’re angrier about their side being called out for wrongdoing than actual wrongdoing.

11/22 – Italy: Nursery school calls off its Christmas play for fear of offending Muslims

Coming soon to the US. My guess is the first stop of this tour will be Minnesota.

11/23 – Climate change activists storm football field, delay Harvard-Yale game

Read the tweets at the end – spot on.

11/24 – Bummer: Extinction Rebellion Is Too Middle Class, To Whitebread

This week’s edition of “The problem with building coalitions based on identity politics is that eventually your allies run out of other people to hate”

11/25 – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: “One reason for high gas prices”

Hint: It’s not the evil oil companies

11/26 – He can’t get a break: The POTUS is attacked for welcoming the hero dog Conan to the White House

And now Leftists have to hate dogs too.

11/27 – Environmentalists: Thanksgiving, Christmas Holidays’ Carbon Footprint Bad for Planet

Or to summarize, anything that makes Normals happy makes Leftists miserable.

11/28 – Violence in Academia

I’m surprised that we’re not seeing more counter-insurgency Lawfare. Remember folks, however much these kids may seem like irritating larvae today, these are our private sector’s future Human Resources Directors.

11/29 – Debunking the ‘Trump Is a Racist’ Charge

This may be the most brilliant, lengthy, and thoughtful pieces I’ve seen in a long time. And for some bizarre reason it got published on what may be the slowest news traffic day of the year. Bookmark this page, and share it through whatever networks you have. This piece deserves it.

No archives this week, since most of you are hopefully taking a break from reading about politics and enjoying some good family time. Have a great week!

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