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Welcome back, everybody! College football is back, pro football is ramping up, school is back, and Autumn is unofficially here! Has the cooler weather calmed down our Lefty pals? Ha ha! Of course not! Look no further than:

8/27 – San Francisco Restaurant Owner Is Shocked Bernie Is A Rude Old Man

“I am SHOCKED! Shocked, I say!”

8/29 – Social Justice at its Finest

Even yarn isn’t exempt from Leftist scolding – this short post is a great response

8/30 – Hapless Democrats accuse Trump of racism and poor response to Hurricane Dorian even before it hits coastline

Then again, when does The Radical Left not eventually have to resort to baseless name calling?

8/30 – Democrats’ Gun Buy-Back Plan Would Backfire Horrifically

This post has some good recent historical examples of why gun confiscation won’t work

8/31 – Seventh Illegal Alien Accused Of Sex Crime In Sanctuary County Over Last Month

And where did this take place? El Paso? On the Arizona border? Nope! This happened in Montgomery County, Maryland – just a stone’s throw from our nation’s capitol!

8/31 – This is the kind of thing you can expect under red flag laws

I’m old enough to remember when due process was a thing in this country

8/31 – “Trump Fatigue” is a Democrat Disease

Great read – as much as inflammatory rhetoric is unconstructive I’m really starting to think that Leftism is a mental disorder


And the last link dovetails nicely into this one – I’d take Steven Hayward’s theory a step further and argue that Leftism itself is becoming its own religion

9/2 – Debra Messing’s doxx-the-Republicans threats get uglier

Yet another washed up Hollywood personality very publicly reveals what a horrible human being she is

9/3 – Snowflake crybully wants people to stop wearing red caps because she feels triggered by MAGA hats

Sorry, but your mental disorder does not dictate my fashion choices.

9/3 – Former Foster Kids Show What Philadelphia Loses By Defenestrating Catholics Over Gay Marriage

I’m old enough to remember when Leftists at least pretended to care about children

9/4 – San Francisco declares NRA to be a ‘domestic terrorist organization’

But Antifa  thugs and regular criminals are just fine. I am so glad I got to visit this once great city before The Radical Left decided to *literally* turn their city into a (dung) hole

9/4 – Star Wars Land Is Proof Disney Has Lost Its Way

It pains me to see two iconic items from my childhood get slowly but surely strangled away.

9/4 – The Judicial Apocalypse That’s Always Just Around the Corner

I remember seeing this garbage when Dubya was elected, too. At some point can we simply label Leftism a death cult?

9/4 – Department of Energy Rolls Back Obama-Era Lightbulb Rules

When Obama unleashed this stupidity I bought a case of 200 good light bulbs hoping that sanity would eventually be restored. I honestly didn’t think it would happen – score another one for the good guys!

9/5 – Buttigieg Equates Fighting Climate Change With Fighting World War II

And I’m pretty sure that there are a good number of WWII vets who could easily beat the living (snot) out of Mayor Pete for this disgusting insult

9/6 – The Left’s determination to destroy us from within

Here’s a philosophical question for you – while I don’t think it’s time to label the Democratic Party a Domestic Terrorist Organization, should they be labeled a Hate Group? To borrow Lefties’ vernacular, I’m not saying that they are, just want to have a conversation.

From the archives, updated for 2019 is The Top 100 Reasons the Eagles are the Coolest Team in Pro Football

Down in the tweets be sure to read the first tweet thread on Sweden. It gives a good picture of what the Democrats envision for our country.

Have a great weekend, and fly Eagles fly!

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