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Did you catch last night’s debate where Beto-Male and Fauxahontas got stuck at the kiddie table? Hopefully you didn’t, but I decided to watch so you wouldn’t have to! I debated doing a drunk blog, but The VodkaPundit already does it better than I ever can. That said, I need to give two quick takes from tonight’s debate:

These nimrods turned talking over each other into an art form. Obnoxious behavior during debates is nothing new, but ensuring that neither you nor the person you’re sparring with gets unheard doesn’t do either of you any favors. I’m not sure when this practice started, but the first time I recall seeing it was when I first started getting actually interested in politics (other than voting against Democrats by default) and watching the debates between Dubya & Gore. While I wasn’t crazy about Bush (I was a McCainaanite at the time. Yes, I was so young & innocent.) it grated on me how Gore kept talking over him and he just stood there and took it. Did anyone notice this starting before then?

Anyway, Castro made a brilliant point, if slightly off target: Julian Castro’s Immigration Plan Includes ‘Marshall Plan for Central America and Latin America’

Part of being “smarter” about immigration would be the creation of this “21st century Marshall Plan” aimed at several Central American nations. The original Marshall Plan was a massive rebuilding and aid package for the nations of Europe hit by the devastation of World War II. The effects and goodwill generated by that program created for the United States a constellation of allies.

“The problem is that folks can’t find safety and opportunity in Honduras or El Salvador or Guatemala. If we can partner with those countries so that people can find safety and opportunity there, instead of having to come and knock on the door of the United States that’s what they want,” Castro said. “That is going to be better for those countries in the long run that also addresses the issue that you’re talking about, which is 92,000 people coming to the southern border in one month.”

Of course, any good student of history remembers one key element of The Marshall Plan, emphasis mine:

At the heart of the Marshall proposals was a requirement that a recovery program be drafted and that it be “a joint one, agreed to by a number if not all European nations.” Economic collaboration among the countries of Europe was thus made a pre-requisite for further American assistance. Marshall made it clear also that American aid would be extended only to nations “willing to assist in the task of recovery,” and would not be offered to “any government which maneuvers to block the recovery of other countries.” That this willingness to assist must be something more than a mere assurance not to obstruct was made clear during the Paris conference by Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs Clayton, who impressed upon the delegates that Washington desired concrete assurances on internal stabilization of currencies and reduction of trade barriers, and on the organization under which the joint program would be carried out.

The bottom line was that one of the, if not the main reasons, for the Marshall Plan was to oppose the toxic ideology of Communism that the Soviet Union was trying to spread across Europe. Of course, we have that same problem today with Communists basically commandeering the Democratic Party here in the United States. I’m not completely opposed to the idea of rebuilding the Central American countries that have been damaged by Leftist misrule, but how about taking it a step further?

How about if we had a Marshall Plan for states and cities in the US that have been ruined by Democrats? Just like what I highlighted above, the only condition would be that the Democrats who ruined these places would have to leave office. I know, while this reeks of just another bailout for places that have mismanaged their taxpayer money, but think of the benefits! No longer would Californians want to simply flee their s*** hole state and proceed to fail to assimilate to their new cultures, as they’ve ruined Oregon and are in the process of doing to Colorado. Democrats would have incentive to stay in New York and New Jersey, rather than try to export their misery to places like North Carolina and Florida. I know, there are quite a few flaws that one could find in my idea, but don’t big problems require big solutions?

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