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Welcome back, everyone! How about that Blue Wave? Midterms went mostly as expected, as President Trump lost far fewer seats than Bubba or Barry-O, partially thanks to The Radical Left firing up the Conservative base with their attempted railroading of Brett Kavanaugh a few weeks back. Good job! We’ll start off this week’s post with two suggestions from Flopping Aces Commenter Kitt:

11/2 – Democrats Latest Election Complaint: Trump Is Making Me Fat!

This reminds me of that joke about a husband’s famous last words:

Wife: “Do these jeans make me look fat?”
Husband: “No, sweetie. You big, fat arse makes you look fat!”

11/2 – This Battered Women’s Shelter Is Being Investigated For Turning Away A Drunk, Injured Man

The equally idiotic and disgusting results of when being near the bottom of the Leftist victimhood hierarchy trumps common sense

11/2 –Why eating your greens can give you the blues: Vegetarians are more miserable, have lower self-esteem and enjoy parties less than meat-eaters, scientists claim

This is one of those times there are so many great remarks I could drop my brain’s overloaded, so I have no comment to add

11/3 – DEMOCRAT STAFFER/Anti-Hate Intern arrested for painting “Die Jew Rats” and “Hitler” on NYC synagogue after Pittsburgh mass murder

It’s clearly President Trump’s fault that The Radical Left that controls The Democratic Party has become comfortable in showing what disgusting, hateful human beings they truly are

11/4 – WATCH: SNL Comedian Mocks Veteran Who Lost An Eye To An IED Blast In Afghanistan

Today’s edition of “WTF is wrong with these people?!?” – Part I
To their credit, this got blasted from The Left as well, with one notable exception that the article cites

11/4 – Disabled Vet Can’t Vote After NBC Sets Up Camera In Handicapped Parking Space, Refuses To Move

Today’s edition of “WTF is wrong with these people?!?” – Part II

11/5 – Pro Wrestling Explains Why Trump Wins Every Battle With The Media

This article in The Federalist is absolute genius, and the wrestling fans here will especially like this one. Here’s a taste:

Likewise, today’s anti-Trump media can’t get over as heel for conservatives because smarmy, sneaky little preeners don’t strike fear in anyone’s heart. Bluster as they might, the media aren’t terrifying monster heels like King Kong Bundy or Brock Lesnar. Rather, they come across as sniveling little mid-card weasels like the Genius. They may score the occasional, instantly forgettable count-out win on “Saturday Night Main Event.” But they’re never going to headline against Trump at Wrestlemania.

And yes, I actually remember watching that match between Hulk Hogan and The Genius when it was on TV.

Fun fact! When Little Bob was born and the nurse handed him to my first words to him were some advice on how to adapt to the suddenly very different environment than the one he had known his entire life: “You may like it. You may not like it. But learn to love it because it’s the best thing going. WHOOOO!” Obviously I said it in a much quieter voice than Ric Flair would use.

11/6 – Democrats’ Midterm Closing Argument: Trump Is Hitler, and Republicans Fear-Monger

Orange Man Bad!

11/7 – Gary Hart and an Outbreak of Fake News

Gary Hart in 2020? Sure, why not? The article shows that Hart certainly has the delusions of grandeur to qualify him, and a writer of Maureen Dowd’s caliber is ready to be his Kingmaker. OK, Gary, to make it official, repeat after me: “Orange man bad! Punch a Nazi in the face!”

11/8 – Look For Democrats To Blow Their Meager Success By Being Jerks

The incomparable Kurt Schlichter drops some truth as only he can:

We won more seats in the Senate, meaning Cocaine Mitch’s expanded cartel is going to be pushing even more conservative judges into our lib-infested courts. It was pretty great. Beto crashed his party’s $70 million car into Ted Cruz and skateboarded away from the wreck. Rick Scott scraped out a narrow win and will now have six years on the national stage where people around the country will wonder “Wasn’t he the lead singer for Midnight Oil?”

11/8 – Will CNN, Which Has Repeatedly Defended/Justified Antifa Violence and Refused to Call Antifa Mobs “Mobs,” “Claim Any Responsbility” for the Attempted Home Invasion on Tucker Carlson’s Family, as They Demanded of Trump and the Not-a-Bomb Mailer?

As always, Ace pulls no punches:

This is the network that screams “You’re threatening the media!” when people chant “CNN sucks!”

But when a violent domestic terrorist group that CNN has repeatedly supported threatens a journalist, busting through his door and chanting “We know where you sleep at night! We know how to fight!,” CNN’s response is… tepid.

Not hot, omnipresent, and crusading, as it was when they were oh-so-worried about a “device” which was not a bomb, determined to fix responsibility on their political opponents.

Enemy of the People.

The time is coming when the question “What will CNN say when we begin encouraging our own extremists to begin doing this to them?!” will not be a hypothetical one.

And that time is coming fast.


Yes, I know watching Conservatives being harassed by the The Radical Left on a college campus is barely a news item anymore, but it doesn’t mean that we should let these stories pass.

And from the archives, we continue with our Economics for Politicians series, Chapter Nine – Unintended Consequences – Bonus Section for Journalists!

Be sure to thank a Veteran this Sunday – Have a great weekend!

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