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As we continue toward election day our friends on the looney left remind us what’s at stake in early November:

10/18 – Meme Of The Decade

NPC has been all over the news, but what makes this worth the click to to read to the end and see the t-shirt at the bottom.


And some stories are just so idiotic that nothing I can say could add to the conversation.

10/20 – California Parents Lose One More Right As State Limits Kids’ Menu Drinks To Water Or Milk

Northern Venezuala continues its quest to drive every last sane person out.

10/21 – Who’s financing the “spontaneous” migrant caravan trekking towards the United States? Here are some clues

A damned good question – I’ve been wondering this since the days that human traffickers were transporting unaccompanied minors to the US/Mexico border during the Obama years

10/22 – A New Low in the Persecution of Tommy Robinson

Remember folks, to Conservatives stories like tis are warnings. To the radicals that have seized control of the Democratic Party they’re a blueprint.

10/23 – Texas to investigate Democrats’ mailers asking non-citizens to register to vote

If only there were a way to prohibit all of the Blue State refugees from voting for the same idiotic policies that ruined the states that they fled

10/24 – Illegal Immigration Hurts Black Americans Most

One of my favorite ways to annoy Leftists is to point out that Obama’s record of hurting black Americans would have had Robert Byrd blushing with envy!

10/24 –Yesterday, The New York Times Published Five (Awful) Fiction Pieces About How the Trump Presidency Would End.One Naturally Went to the Assassination Fantasy — with Trump’s Secret Service Helping to Kill Him.


If it’s okay for you to wink-wink and encourage actual violence against Republicans, well, then, at the very least, it’s okay for the rest of us to not give a shit if Trump calls you Fake News.

10/25 – Ben Sasse Is Everything Wrong With Elite Conservatism

The always great Kurt Schlichter:

He’s a Republican senator in the midst of the greatest partisan struggle since the Civil War. This isn’t a “both sides are the same” situation. The Dems are neo-socialists whose announced goal is to undermine and eliminate the First and Second Amendments and to ensure we lose our ability to participate in our own governance. They have to be stopped, not hugged. We’re in a cold civil war that they started and that they intend to win, and Sasse is pouty at us because we’re fighting back.

10/26 – Kasich: ‘The Lord Doesn’t Want’ Americans Putting Up Walls And Turning Away The Caravan

For some reason right now I’m reminded of a classic joke from Andrew “Dice” Clay. And ironically, it’s completely appropriate for a family-friendly site! “I don’t get these people selling maps to stars’ homes. I sell keys to stars’ homes!”

Have a Happy Halloween!

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