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So apparently this had liberals talking in the Twitterverse:

Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court was the most contentious nomination process in decades, and it provoked fierce, lengthy debates across the United States. However, there was one group of people expected to keep quiet about it, and that would be the justices already sitting on the bench. For the most part, they did keep their opinions to themselves, but Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s face during Kavanaugh’s swearing-in ceremony did leave many onlookers attempting to decode what, exactly, she was thinking.

Sitting between other members of the Supreme Court, Ginsburg appeared to slightly glower during the ceremony, including during Kavanaugh’s speech. People on Twitter were quick to attempt interpreting her expression.

Many said that the Supreme Court justice reflected how women were feeling in light of Kavanaugh’s successful nomination. “RBG is every democratic women in Americaright now,” wrote writer Molly Jong Fast.

Some even suggested that they almost felt bad for the justice. “Poor RBG having deal with this belligerent misogynist,” wrote organizer Amy Siskind.

Though it’s not clear whether Ginsburg intended to send any specific message with her expression during Kavanaugh’s swearing-in ceremony, the people of Twitter seemed eager to find a conduit for their own thoughts and emotions. “RBG’s expression at Kavanaugh’s swearing in says it all,” wrote one user.

Indeed, screen shots and photographs of her posture while attending the ceremony rapidly circulated across social media. “The disgust on RBG’s face is me,” wrote lawyer Aditi Juneja.

Oh, ye self-deluded Kavanaugh-haters grasping for a lifeline.

Here’s how she looked at Kavanaugh’s ceremony:

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is as happy as a clam. I mean, look at his face!

Supreme Court Justice John Roberts was spotted with a smile that traveled from one ear to the other.

Retired Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy shows pride in what his protégé has accomplished.

And, lastly, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg looked completely nauseous and absolutely devastated being forced to sit through the final confirmation ceremony of a Constitutionalist judge nominated by President Donald Trump.

Take a look:

See some of the Tweets by feminists and progressives.

The only problem with this (as the above link points out)?  RBG is old.  She’s 85.  She always looks like this.  That’s her resting face.

Not to burst their celebratory bubble, but this “What am I doing here?” face is typical of Ginsburg, even when among fellow lefties. Have they forgotten the woman fell asleep at one point during Barack Obama’s SOTU address? The photo below of her posing with several feminists at the Sundance Film Festival doesn’t exactly scream, “happy to be here, folks.”

The truth of the matter means little to feminists, however, who view Ginsburg’s seemingly dazed expression, according to Bustle, as a “small catharsis for those who didn’t think that he should have been confirmed.”

Here she is enjoying a high-intensity workout:



RBG could stand for “resting B**ch Gaze- but I will not call her the “B” word.  Maybe “Boofing”?  J/K.   I’ll be good.  She does have more facial expressions than this selection of cherry-picked photos.  And she and Scalia were good friends and respected colleagues.

But now the feminists grasping at straws in the Twitterverse have me curious….What was passing through her thoughts at Kavanaugh’s White House ceremony….?

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