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Happy October! We’re now officially into the season of the weather turning, Halloween, pumpkin overload – but thankfully bat (guano) crazy fro The Radical Left never goes out of season! As we shall see:

9/27 – Exclusive: Mary Elizabeth Winstead on How ‘Birds of Prey’ Could Change the Superhero Genre

Is it too early too early to throw shade on a movie that won’t be out until 2020? Nope! Not when they declare a movie destined to bomb as a “blockbuster” in the already panned upcoming Brie Larson flick:

Birds of Prey will follow in the footsteps of other female-led superhero blockbusters, including Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins, and Captain Marvel, directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck.

To be honest, if you read the quick synopsis at the link BoP sounds interesting. But if Star Wars has taught us anything, anything that Leftists rave about is going to stink.

9/28 – Credible Christine Blasey Ford Might Have Told Another Fib

Yeah, I know – we seem to get another one of these stories on any day ending in a “Y”

9/29 – Maxine Waters DENIES reports her staffer DOXXED Republicans during Kavanaugh hearings…

Buried in a busy news day was the story that Emperor Palpatine denies the report that he was the one who issued Order 66. In all fairness to Mad Maxine, it was another Democrat’s staffer who executed her orders.

9/30 – Bring It.

Today’s edition of “You Lefties really aren’t thinking through where your actions will lead, are you?”


I’m old enough to remember when I’d get annoyed at an entertainer launching a rant about politics during a comedy show. Luckily, Saturday Night Live hasn’t been a comedy show in years.

10/2 – Guess Who The Left Is Blaming For Negative Buzz About ‘The Last Jedi’? (HINT: It’s Putin)

One of the more positive elements of The Radical Left being completely incapable of introspection is that they’ll predictably repeat their mistakes.

10/3 – Lindsey Graham’s head-turning defense of Trump isn’t what you think

Apologies in advance for giving a click to The Washington Compost, but Lindsey Graham’s quoting Clintonista James Carville isn’t comparing – it’s contrasting.

The way allegations against Bill Clinton were handled was often unfair and cringeworthy, as the Carville quote makes clear. To Goldberg’s point, though, that doesn’t give Trump a pass on his handling of Ford, just as many of the myriad other comparisons between Trump and Clinton that are now so commonplace are often stretches of whataboutism that crumble under objective consideration.

Graham’s argument is literally and exclusively Bill Clinton did it, too. That argument can be judged on its own merits.

Exactly. Under objective consideration, Trump’s relationships were consensual, as opposed to Clinton’s “You’re going to want to put some ice on that” post-rape pillow talk that he gave Juanita Broadrick.

10/3 – Ben Shapiro’s Nationalism Hypocrisy (Video)

While I don’t always agree with James Allsup (such as with his recent bizarre attacks on Sargon of Akkad), this is a good friendly fire piece. I’m also generally a fan of Ben Shapiro, and in this case Allsup does a thorough job of calling out Shapiro on his own double standard. As alternative media slowly but surely overtakes the mainstream press it’s important that we hold our own accountable to avoid becoming as dishonest as the MSM.

10/4 – So, What Are The Rules Anyway?

The always great Kurt Schlichter skewers The Radical Left as only he does so well. If his Monday and Thursday columns aren’t part of your regular reading it needs to be.

I think our elite actually does not believe in rules, that their attempts at enforcing the rules are merely a grift designed to jam up Normals and provide a way to keep them in line.

And I think we Normals see that. We see that when that Looming Doofus Jim Comey lets Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit off after running down a list of crimes that would have sent any of us Normals off to the pokey. We see that when we watch the Democrats line up to vote for Keith Ellison and Sherrod Brown after accusations that they beat up the women in their lives (apparently the new rule is you believe only some women, and only when it’s convenient). And we’ve seen it when we watch the media demand the respect due unbiased truthtellers even as they jump in squarely on the side of the elite.


I only sort of skimmed this story when it hit, which is why it’s important to include it here  – if we’re not already there, we’re close to the point where The Radical Left that’s taken over the Democratic Party, academia, the media, entertainment, etc calling for violence against people for the sin of disagreement has become so commonplace that it barely warrants mention.

9/10 – Street artist Sabo may just be ‘some guy who lives in some dump,’ but he is taking on and taking down the likes of Jimmy Kimmel and Meryl Streep

As much as I hate to give Cruise Director and Vichy Conservative Bill Kristol’s Weekly Standard any oxygen, this piece on street artist Sabo is long, but a great read on both him and some of the tactics that The Normals will need as we look at the early days of our second Civil War. And the closing two paragraphs perfectly sum up what’s wrong wth the Fredocons.

I make what I take for a beautifully simple suggestion: How about not being brutal? How about taking people as they come? How about treating ideological adversaries as you’d want to be treated? The Golden Rule and all that corny stuff we seem to have deliberately flushed from the national memory bank. You can disagree with your enemy, but you don’t have to slaughter him. Maybe your enemy doesn’t even have to be your enemy.

Sabo waves me off like I’m a child. For all his dark nights of the soul, he is certain he knows what needs doing: “I feel comfortable in the battle and that’s going to make me bloody and dirty and calloused. I know what you want. You want the good, clean guy to win. And you want to be able to say that you did it following certain standards. And that’s fine. But the fact of the matter is that even you don’t live up to those standards. It’s not that I’m not a nice guy. It’s not that I’m not a good guy. But these are ideals. And I gave up those ideals. Sometimes the dirty fighter is the one that’s going to win.”

And from the archives, after last week’s insanity we’ll resume the lessons from my “Economics for Politicians” series with Economics for Politicians Chapter 4A: By Definition the Government Can Not Create Wealth.

Have a great weekend!

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