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Welcome back everybody! Let’s get straight to the crazy:

9/15 – Triggered Students Are Protesting Ice Cream, Because It’s Not Inclusive Enough

I say we nuke the entire university system. Blow it up from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

9/16 – Kerry Still Meeting With Iranian Officials To Sabotage Trump & Salvage Nuke Deal

Bill Whittle had the best remark on Kerry: “I’d like to buy his book just to throw it over The White House fence”

9/16 – Shirtless man stares down Hurricane Florence with American flag in hand: ‘Just being free and American’

Apologies for the auto-launch video. Watch the second video embedded in the post. It’s only nine seconds and it’s what made this guy famous and just screams ” ‘Murica, baby!”

9/17 – Joe Biden: ‘Dregs of society’ support Donald Trump

I saw The Dregs of Humanity open for Basket of Deplorables back in ’83!

Joking aside, one of my favorite things about the Trump Presidency has been how comfortable The Radical Left has become in expressing how much they loathe half of this country.

9/18 – NPR Told ‘Gosnell’ Filmmakers Not to Use “Abortion” in Promotional Advertising 

We can’t have honesty and name the action being practiced?
No problem – If NPR is going to try whitewashing this then the producers should troll these Fascists by referring to Gosnell as a “Reproductive Freedom Practitioner”

9/18 – Political Posters by Shepard Fairey and Others Are Coming to 20,000 US Classrooms

Another interesting piece from from the entertaining lefty Observer Arts newsletter. This should get the attention of anyone with kids in the school system, especially when you see that The Radical Left isn’t even trying to hide the agenda that they want to cram down our kids’ throats. On the plus side, neither the article nor an online search could find any of these schools that are supposedly adopting this curriculum, but damn we need to be vigilant.

9/19 – WATCH: Steven Crowder, Owen Benjamin Confront ‘Slanderous Professor’ Mid-Class 

This is a great ongoing series where Steven Crowder (politely) gets in the faces of the Left Wing extremists who slander him personally or call for violence against him. Our side needs to do more of this. I’m sure that Bill Kristol and David French are horrified at such tactics.

9/20 – WATCH: Beto O’Rourke Claims Police Are ‘The New Jim Crow’

The Radical Left’s favorite Beto-Male continues his push to secure the coveted “Texans who dig Colon Kaepernick” vote!

9/21 – The Fiscal Lunacy of Electing Democrats to Congress

As always, Democrats make a point of reminding us that if you want fiscal responsibility, there’s always an even dumber alternative than Republicans!

And from the archives, I have for you a particularly timely story as Barack Obama tries to take credit for the trump economy. We continue the Economics for Politicians series with Chapter 4: You Don’t Create Jobs – It’s Time to Get Over FDR!

If you’re wondering why there wasn’t anything above on Kavanaugh, Feinstein, etc, it has to do with the process of how I write these weekly roundups. I start these over the weekend with a few links, generally from Pirate’s Cove, pull in whatever images i want to use and plug in the end code for my external links.

On Wednesdays I grab my Monday-Wednesday stories, along with whatever Tweets I want to include in the roundup at the end. After I’ve updated the draft in Brother Bob’s Blog, I copy everything over into Flopping Aces. On Thursday I add one story from that day, and then on Friday I only have one new entry to add & copy both into FA, ready to publish 1st thing Saturday morning. I do this in case I have a busy week so I don’t have to scramble to get a post up or end up having to rush something I’m not happy with over a busy weekend. How does this relate to Kavanaugh? If you’ve been following the story you’ve noticed that The Radical Left has changed their story so many times over the week that by the time Saturday rolls around whatever I might have included would be old news. Not that you were wondering, but there’s some insight as to how the sausage gets made.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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