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An article from Breitbart today reported that a majority of democrats want illegal aliens to vote

A majority of Democrat voters now say that the 12 million illegal aliens currently residing in the United States should be given the right to vote.
In a new poll by Rasmussen Reports, a majority of 54 percent of Democrats said illegal aliens in the U.S. should be given the right to vote so long as they pay taxes. Illegal aliens paying taxes ensures the identity theft of Americans.

Likewise, 53 percent of self-described liberal voters said they too support giving the 12 million illegal aliens in the U.S. the right to vote.

While the majority of Democrats support illegal aliens having the right to vote, the plan is very unpopular with American voters overall. Nearly 60 percent of voters said illegal aliens should not be given voting rights.

Already, as Breitbart California reported, the city of San Francisco will now allow non-citizens to vote in the area’s regional school board elections. Cities like Chicago, Illinois, and Cambridge, Massachusets also allow non-citizens to vote in regional elections.

Giving the illegal alien population the right to vote would almost ensure Democrat dominance in statewide and national elections, as foreign populations are vastly more likely to favor Democrats over Republicans.

Well, of course they favor democrats. Few bite the hand that subsidizes them.

Thing is, in which countries on Earth can illegal aliens vote?

Answer: None.

The mastermind behind most of the is George Soros, who ultimately seeks the end of the United States. I wrote about Soros eight years ago.

“The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.”

That is an accurate quote. A refresher from the 60 Minutes interview with Soros:

KROFT: My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours who swore that you were his adopted godson.

SOROS: Yes. Yes.

KROFT: Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.

SOROS: Yes. That’s right. Yes.

KROFT: I mean, that sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many, many years. Was it difficult?

SOROS: Not, not at all. Not at all.

KROFT: No feeling of guilt?


Read the whole piece. It’s a good reminder of where the democrat party is headed. Soros, a sociopath,  is the spine of the democrat party. He is all for open borders:

The phrase “American exceptionalism” is not part of his agenda. He wrote in 1998: “The sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions.”

“We need some global system of political decision-making. In short, we need a global society to support our global economy,” Mr. Soros wrote.

You’ll note that it’s always the billionaires (and democrats) who espouse that nonsense, as they will benefit personally from it. Soros is not alone in his quest for open borders. It’s true that democrats say they’re not for open borders, it’s just that they want any and all people to enter illegally and unfettered.

In part this is because Democrats believe that the furor over the children might be the silver bullet they’ve been seeking to decisively defeat Trump and help generate a blue wave at the polls in the midterm elections this fall. At this point, they have no incentive to solve any problems since the more grief at the border and the greater the volume of emotional images (even if some, such as the picture of a weeping child that was used on a Time magazine cover with a photo of Trump, has turned out to be misleading since that little Honduran girl was not separated from her mother), the more the issue is perceived as a Hurricane Katrina moment for the president.

This has created a race to the left on immigration among Democrats that will doom any hope of a deal on any of these issues. For example, former actress Cynthia Nixon, who is mounting a vocal and well-funded challenge to Andrew Cuomo’s effort to be reelected governor of New York, wasn’t content to merely match her opponent’s criticisms of Trump. She promised to give all illegal aliens access to driver’s licenses so as to make it harder for federal authorities to arrest them. Even worse, she is now demanding — to the applause of the hosts and the audience on The View, where she appeared — that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency be abolished altogether and not replaced by any other body to perform the function of apprehending illegals.

At this point, it is hard to see what this all amounts to other than an argument for open borders.

The first step in dismantling of the United States comes by calling for the abolishing of ICE. It’s difficult to overestimate the stupidity of such a move. Even Jeh Johnson thinks it is ill considered.

Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson pushed back against Democrats calling for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to be abolished in a Friday op-ed published in the Washington Post.

The op-ed, titled, “Abolishing ICE is not a serious policy proposal,” likened demands to abolish ICE to a hypothetical demand from those who wanted to end the Vietnam war by abolishing “the entire Defense Department.”

“Obviously, that would have completely compromised national security,” Johnson wrote, adding that ending the agency “would compromise public safety” as well.

“Calls to abolish ICE only serve to sow even greater division in the American public and in its political leadership, damaging any remaining prospect of bipartisan immigration reform,” wrote Johnson.

The proof that democrats want open borders is the denial by the NY Times that democrats want open borders.

Then of course we have the closet Commie Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and her free everything platform. She asserts that illegals and everyone else have a “right” to enter the country:

Socialist Democrat candidate for Congress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is taking her campaign for open borders even further to the political left, now saying that all border crossers and illegal aliens deserve a “right of passage” into the United States.Last week, Ocasio delivered an upset to establishment Democratic power player Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY) in the district’s primary election, running on a platform that promises to abolish all immigration and border enforcement.

Now, in an interview with AJ+, owned by the Al Jazeera Media Network, Ocasio says that not only should the U.S. abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency — which is tasked with enforcing interior immigration laws — but that foreign nationals, border crossers, and illegal aliens are entitled to enter the U.S.

Just don’t forget- Soros is pulling her strings.

Without borders, there is no country. Without ICE, crime is free to enter. Allow illegals to vote and you cheapen what it means to be an American. You cheapen the value of citizenship.

You kill a nation.

Where is there a country on the planet without borders? In what country can an illegal alien vote?

In Mexico a foreigner cannot own land in any desirable area. Illegal aliens in Mexico cannot vote. In fact, you need a goddam photo ID to vote in Mexico.

Imagine that.

You know what else illegal aliens can’t do in Mexico?

Make demands.



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