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The more I think about it, the more I admire Donald Trump. It’s probably not for what you’re thinking. It’s not simply that he’s roused a moribund economy. It’s not that he’s boosted consumer confidence. It’s not the multitude of conservative judges he’s installing. Sean Hannitty complied a list of Trump accomplishments. You can see them here. From Rasmussen Reports:

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Repealed Individual Mandate

Justice Neil Gorsuch


Set Record for First-Year Judicial Appointments to Federal Appellate Courts

Historic Reduction in Illegal Immigration

Crushing ISIS Caliphate

Deregulation: Rolling Back the Militant Administrative State

More are at the link. More here. Trump is actually recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel after his predecessors promised and failed. He presided over the capture of the top five ISIS leaders. He’s even got CNN to reluctantly admit the country is going in the right direction as his poll numbers rise.

Trump got three Americans released by North Korea in return for nothing while obama could not even secure the release of Americans from Iran despite paying them billions.

It’s not any of that.

The most remarkable thing Trump has done is survive.

Barack Obama brought to bear the entire weight of the United States intelligence community against Trump. Obama and his cohorts did everything they could possibly think of to prevent Trump from being elected and then to ruin him in office.

Brennan and Strzok set traps for Trump staff

Obama set rules to allow the widest dispersion of classified information or gossip on Trump to be spread around government agencies.

Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for a fabricated dossier.

John McCain, not knowing whether or not it was trash, handed it to the FBI.

Comey, Susan Rice, Sally Yates (who set up Flynn), obama and biden meet to set up Trump – to let him know they have dirt on him.

Comey refused to inform Trump of the source of the dossier and who paid for it.

Trump private conversations were leaked, transcripts and all. No one at the FBI seems interested in who leaked them.

Michael Flynn’s conversation with Kislyak was leaked.

Flynn’s call was reviewed by the FBI and no wrongdoing was found. This was reported on January 23, 2017. The next day Flynn was ambushed in an interview set up by Sally Yates and Flynn was subsequently charged with lying.

Comey led Congressional members to believe Flynn would not be charged.

Susan Rice unmasked Trump staff relentlessly.

Samantha Power was unmasking Americans on a daily basis.

Manafort was wiretapped.

Trump Tower was monitored by the NSA.

Obama’s FBI put a spy into Trump’s campaign. I have no doubt Obama spied extensively on Trump.

Barack Obama and pretty much his entire executive branch, together with the Clinton campaign and the DNC, conspired to frame and destroy Trump.

And he’s still standing. It’s not every person who can withstand that kind of hostility and treachery. That’s impressive.

Amazing, in fact.



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