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Welcome back everyone – straight to the crazy!

4/12 – Government of Canada launches Expert Panel to help Canada tap into trillion-dollar opportunity from clean growth and climate action

For some reason this press release showed up in my LinkedIn feed. In other words, governments authorize a scam to transfer wealth from the productive segment of society into their pockets

4/13 – Polar Opposite: NY Times Outraged by Climate ‘Denialists’ Pointing Out Polar Bear Population Increase

Using facts, reality, and science to make an argument? How dare they!

4/13 – Laura Ingraham Advertiser Comes Back With Tail Between Its Legs…

I guess that Ace decided that they still wanted to be the place…

4/13 – Have U.S. Christians already lost the right to publicly speak against Islam?

Lest you think that what’s happening to Europe can’t happen here. Of course idiot leftists take pride in being the last ones to get eaten by the crocodiles

4/14 – Court Rules Illegal Aliens Can Sue over “Discriminatory Employment Policy” Requiring Green Cards

I’m old enough to remember when the purpose of the courts was to uphold the law of the land

4/14 – Chik-Fil-A Derangement Syndrome (CFADS)

It’s high time that this very real mental health threat were properly labeled so we can begin treatment, possibly with institutionalization
4/14 – Forget ‘Climate Change’ — Now It’s ‘Climate Restoration’

Yep, when previous climate hysterics fail it’s time to move the goalposts again!

4/14 – Tomorrow’s Grim, Global, Green Dictatorship

Great summary of the many aspects of our society that The Radical Left despises and wants to destroy, from mining and fishing to suburbs and sustainable energy

4/15 – March for Politically Correct Science flops – almost no one turns up

On the flip side of the previous story, it’s encouraging to see society tiring of these anti-science boors

4/15 – EU Regulatory Madness …New Rules Enacted To Regulate Color Of Bread, French Fries!

Stories like this show the difference between the right & the left. Conservatives see a better opportunity to compete with the over-regulated ninnies, while Leftists wonder why we aren’t enlightened enough to emulate the standards of our European superiors

4/16 – Hotcoldwetdry Today: It’s Only Important To Persuade The Elites To Force Action On The Proletariat

This is a semi-recurring theme that we see from Leftists – they mistake their inability to understand Conservative arguments for the notion that deep down we must actually agree with them

4/17 – Eating Their Own – This week’s edition of “The problem with building coalitions based on identity politics is that eventually your allies run out of other people to hate”

4/17 – Blame The Left For The Rise Of Moralizing In America

Fleshing out the last link with some excellent analysis

His point was that there’s a big difference between being moral and moralizing. Being moral is about changing the way you act and actually helping others. It requires humility and tolerance because it arises from an awareness of one’s own moral failings.

Moralizing, by contrast, is about changing the way other people act—by force if necessary. Moralizing breeds intolerance and even tyranny because it springs from a belief that, like the pious Canadians, not only do you know the truth but you also have a solemn duty to impose it on others.

In America today, being moral is out and moralizing is in. Just witness the nonstop spectacle of moralizing everywhere you turn—from The New Yorker’s panicked denunciation of Chick-fil-A’s “infiltration” of New York, to gun control activist David Hogg’s boycotts, to the protestor with a megaphone shouting in a Starbucks clerk’s face.

4/17 – Nolte: The Media’s ‘Sean Hannity Standard’ Is a Wonderful Idea!

I rarely read the website that bears Andrew Breitabrt’s name anymore, but Nolte makes a great point.

4/18 – No, Republican Presidents Aren’t Responsible For Most Of America’s Debt

There are three kinds of lies: Lies, damned lies, and Leftist talking points

4/18 – EXCLUSIVE: ‘No Remorse’ Former Evan McMullin Campaign Worker Sounds Off

Just in case you were looking for another reason to dislike Egg McMuffin


Short answer: It blows. This article includes a good short video showing how Minnesota blew a fortune on wind energy.


Lefties will roll their eyes at that headline, and I’ll admit that the post’s title is a bit inaccurate. Leftists hate anyone who disagrees with them, not just white gun owners

And from the archives, seven years ago I gave a small shoutout to Barbara Bush for taking a minor jab at Sarah Palin in my two part series The Left Still Doesn’t Get the Tea Party, As Told Through the Stages of Death and Dying Part 2 of 2 [Reader Post]  Yes, in the last two years the establishment GOP has made no effort to hide their contempt for real Conservatives, but at least back then they kept up a good face, and at least Bush’s remarks were done with class.

This was also what I like to think was one of my best pieces for giving the Radical Left the mockery that they deserve – it includes some good Star Wars and Star Trek references to boot! If you want to read the posts in order you can find Part I here.

Have a great weekend!

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