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Welcome back for your weekly dose of crazy – let’s get straight to it! First, from the previous week:

9/15 – ‘The View’ Defends Antifa, Goldberg Suggests It’s Conservative False Flag

To repeat what I said in the post from two weeks ago:

Hey White Supremacists – want to do a good deed for a change?  When you’re planning your next rally, find out where Whoopi Goldberg lives and hold your next rally around there. If these Antifa scum want to trash somebody’s neighborhood, how about giving their biggest advocates a taste?

9/16 – 63 Counties Projected to Have No Obamacare Insurer in 2018

Good news, Democrats! Thanks to the betrayal of the GOPe you finally CAN start blaming Republicans for our health insurance being a mess!

9/16 – Chelsea Handler calls Ben Carson a ‘black white supremacist’

In the words of the immortal Damien Sandow, “Ignorance is temporary, but stupid is forever.”

9/17 – NYT Reporter Sends Out Most Idiotic Tweet Ever

No easy task given the source!

9/17 – Third World Quarterly publishes “The Case for Colonialism” leading to censorship demands

It’s kind of funny and kind of scary when the crowd that claims their views are fact-based have a complete meltdown when faced with facts that challenge their views

9/18 – Woman freaks out over Hobby Lobby’s raw cotton display

Ace: “The cotton in question isn’t even real cotton — it’s fake. Like her practiced outrage.”


Move over undocumented immigrants. Here come the undocumented sex offenders.

9/19 – After Self-Reflection, Journalists Discover They’ve Been Too Critical Of … Democrats 

AoS’ Oregon Muse: “The mainstream media has been telling us that climate change is an imminent threat, PDT lied about being wiretapped, the Emmy Awards Show was must-see TV, and Antifa is just a rowdy group of mostly peaceful counter-protestors. And they wonder why nobody trusts them?”

9/20 – Leftists Decry Straight Black Men as ‘The White People of Black People’

Wow, who would have seen THAT one coming?

9/20 – Dem Senator Suggests That Russians Were Behind DACA Protest of Pelosi

Here’s a question – since Lefties love to call for non-Climatology heretics to be jailed, should we start calling for any lefty still screaming about Russia to be institutionalized?

9/21 – Newsweek Mocks Trump for Stance Against Socialism

In the words of the immortal Damien Sandow, “Ignorance is temporary, but stupid is forever.”

9/22 – McCain Destroys Obamacare Repeal AGAIN After Promising Repeal In 2016

Is it just me or has McCain become the playground dweeb who sucker punches one of his fellow dork friends hoping to get the approval of the thugs who repeatedly give him wedgies?

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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