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There were any number of things that went through my head last night. It had been a long time since i opened a bottle of champagne at 4 AM. I am of course pleased with the outcome of the election and frankly, amazed. Politically, it was the single most remarkable night I have ever witnessed.

I thought there was a possibility that Trump could win, but reality tamped down my hope. There was something palpable in the air as the campaign season wore on.

He was not my first choice by any means but America wanted real change- they wanted an outsider. They voted for the repudiation of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s victory speech was as humble and contrite as it was and I thought it was entirely appropriate. It made for a good start. The left is going to see a different Trump than they expect to see. No one has been bombed yet. There have been no declarations of war. I am hopeful but not starry eyed. I expect Trump to do things that irritate me as he definitely has liberal inclinations.

Still, it was a stunning night. Keeping both houses of Congress and taking the Presidency was more than I could have imagined. But it is not them time to stick this in the faces of people we know. The media and politicians? – that’s another story.

Today, I do not gloat and I thank everyone for spending time on this blog- especially those on the left.

So thanks

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