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A supposed ally of Great Britain and The United States, the Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia started the New Year of 2016 in traditional style by executing forty seven people. Most of them were executed for committing terror attacks within the kingdom. Among those executed was a Shia cleric, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimra, an outspoken critic of the Sunni, Saudi regime. The “guilty” victims faced death by firing squad or beheading although as yet, no Western leader has asserted that the Saudis pervert and distort the true, peaceful meaning of Islam as is the case with Islamic State.

The appalling execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimra has ramped-up tensions between Saudi Arabia and an outraged Iran but animosity between Sunnis and Shias has existed for centuries. Al-Nimra’s execution just pours more oil on the fire and further internecine violence between Shias and Sunnis is sure to follow.

Saudi Arabian interference underpins the chaos in Syria as the Saudis provided generous funding to the rebels fighting to overthrow President Assad. Assad is an Alawite Muslim and Alawites follow the Twelver school of Shia Islam and Syria and Iran are strategic allies. Overthrowing Assad and replacing him with a Sunni President is the Saudi goal.

As well as destabilizing the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is a nation threatening world peace more than any other. The Saudi regime is one of the worst abusers of human rights and the main sponsor of Islamic jihad. Yet it remains an ally of Great Britain and America, it is the head of the United Nations Human Rights Council and thanks to its vast oil fields, the biggest in the world, controls world oil prices and generates $1 billion a day in revenues.

The Hashemite Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – a state conjured up out of previously warring tribes by the British and the Arabs following the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in The Great War – is home to two of the holiest places in Islam: Mecca and Medina. It is forbidden for non-Muslims – the infidels, the dirty kuffar – to enter both of these places. This should give you a clear idea of how unbelievers are regarded in Islam and I think you’d struggle to name another major religion that forbids unbelievers from entering its holiest places.

Within the kingdom, the oppression of women is rife. They are totally subservient to men and unable to make decisions such as leaving the home, going to shopping malls, apply for a job or even get medical treatment without permission of a male guardian. The guardian will be a male family member, father, uncle, brother or if she’s married, her husband. To see how difficult everyday life is for women in the kingdom, read this account from a Saudi woman. If that wasn’t enough, women are also beheaded in public. Is this not gender apartheid? Oh my bad, can’t say that, it’s racist, or Islamophobic or something.

Free speech simply doesn’t exist in Saudi Arabia. Under Islamic sharia, criticism of Islam or its prophet Muhammad is strictly forbidden. In 2015, liberal Saudi blogger Raif Badawi was found guilty of “insulting Islam” a crime for which he received a ten-year prison sentence accompanied with an eye-watering 1,000 lashes.

It’s vitally important to understand that these punishments and the oppression of women are all mandated in the Islamic legal code, the sharia. Saudi Arabia is a strict, orthodox Sunni Islamic Kingdom applying laws just as the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, applied them himself. These barbaric laws aren’t some perversion of Islam, they are a core part of true Islam. Islamic State also apply these brutal, inhumane laws yet Western leaders go to desperate lengths to paint ISIS as unIslamic whilst courting Saudi Arabia as an ally.

Let’s compare and contrast the attitude of the international community towards Saudi Arabia with its attitude towards Israel, Serbia and South Africa. Deemed as three “rogue nations”, the UN passed resolution after resolution against them. Western governments applied intense political pressure backed up with the threat of economic sanctions. Biased and often unjustified worldwide media condemnation occurred on a regular basis with facts grossly distorted to portray these nations in the worst possible light to sway public opinion against them. In the case of Serbia, a nation wrongly blamed for the break-up of Yugoslavia and accused of war crimes it did not commit, NATO’s military might was applied to force the nation to accept an internationally-brokered peace agreement it had rejected. Arabs living in Israel enjoy more human rights than Arabs living in other Middle Eastern states including Saudi Arabia. South Africa, a nation made a pariah on the world stage due to the system of apartheid, didn’t commit anything like the gross violations of human rights the Saudis do and was no threat to peace, either to its neighbours or globally.

Conversely, Saudi Arabia abuses human rights with impunity, funds worldwide jihad including acts of terror in Western nations and struts arrogantly on the world stage knowing full well the international community is cowered into silence by its mighty oil weapon.

This shameful cowardice was highlighted recently when Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, reacting after the latest act of Islamic jihad in San Bernardino, California, sensibly called for a temporary ban on Muslims entering America. The Muslim couple, both Sunnis, who killed 14 people in the name of Allah, had met during a religious pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia and married in Mecca. And let’s remember that 15 of the 19 mujahideen who murdered 3000 people on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia. But hey, nothing to be suspicious about here, I mean as if the Saudis would conduct a war by proxy against the United States! Besides, terrorism has nothing to do with Islam the religion of peace anyway; Mr. President Obama said so as did Mr. President Bush.

Predictably, liberals and leftists were outraged about Donald Trump’s reasonable suggestion and in Great Britain, a petition calling for Mr. Trump to be forbidden from entering the nation gained over half-a-million signatures. Saudi Arabia bans the establishment of houses of worship for non-Islamic faiths and Israelis are barred from entering the kingdom. Curiously, self-righteous leftists and do-goody-goody liberals have yet to start a petition calling for billionaire Saudi royals who abuse their own people to be banned from entering Western nations. Clearly, some racism isn’t as bad as others, especially when powerful Muslims are the perpetrators.

One can’t help but wonder why liberals and leftists who insist they are champions of human rights froth at the mouth about Israel, apartheid in South Africa and Serbia’s fight to resist the same Islamic jihad funded by the Saudis yet don’t react in anything like the same way to human rights abuses committed by Saudi Arabia. That this vicious and duplicitous regime remains an ally of Great Britain and the United States while it funds jihad against them speaks volumes about the lack of fortitude among the leaders of these two nations, the greatest ever created in human history in my opinion.

All this cowardice achieves is to play into the hands of the cunning Saudis who exploit it to further the cause of Islam in the West. Imposing sharia by silencing critics of Islam is a goal the Saudis are now prosecuting internationally, especially through the dictator’s playground of the United Nations. Having received generous hand-outs from the Saudis, both Facebook and Twitter are to abolish free speech and crackdown on views that can “promote hostility towards Islam.”

Not only is the international community refusing to resist the jihad being waged against it, it’s also happy to court as an ally the very nation funding it. The same cruel nation that has no regard for the human rights of its people whatsoever. Clearly, Saudi Arabia is the world’s favorite human rights abuser and as the jihad against the West continues to gather momentum thanks to mass Muslim immigration, the abuses that occur in the Islamic Hashemite Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will become increasingly common in the West.

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