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Friday 13th November 2015 brought more murderous acts of Islamic jihad to the streets of Paris. It was a day everyone knew would come at some point yet most did their level best to pretend it never would. Once the day was over, 129 innocent people had paid the ultimate price for this pretense, gunned down or blown to pieces by devout followers of Islam, the religion of peace.

As is now normal practice following these diabolical attacks on civilians, political leaders and the mainstream media went to great lengths to avoid connecting the attack to Islam. The perpetrators were described as shooters, gunmen, terrorists and most deceptively of all, radical extremists who misunderstand their own religion. At no point did politicians or the media dare to correctly identify the cowardly murdering filth for what they actually are:

Mujahideen, the soldiers waging “jihad fisabililah” – holy war for the sake of Allah. But as everyone in the West now knows, Islam must always be portrayed as the religion of peace and is therefore a religion that has nothing whatsoever to do with itself. And this pretense must be maintained no matter how hard Muslims strive to prove it to be a childish illusion.

Let’s be quite clear about this latest act of war committed on French soil: It wasn’t terrorism it was Islamic jihad. Furthermore, jihad is being waged against the West every day and terror is only a small part of it. What does far more damage are the acts of jihad that continue AFTER the mujahideen have slain the infidels as they are commanded by their prophet Muhammad and their God, Allah. One of the most effective strategies is to deceive the infidels about the true violent nature of Islam so they are fooled into believing it is actually a peaceful religion.

Unfortunately, the leaders of the West and their lickspittle lackeys in the media aid and abet the jihad against their nations and peoples. Their collaboration begins before the blood is even dry by trotting out a number of lame excuses to explain why followers of the religion of peace massacre innocents en masse without mercy.

First came “it was revenge for France’s actions in Syria against Islamic State.” That’s the same IS whose stated mission is to establish an Islamic caliphate and who are busy implementing sharia and killing, raping and enslaving all those who don’t conform. But of course, Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam. And Muslims in Europe who kill infidels whilst shouting “Allahu Akbar” in revenge for attacks on IS also misunderstand true Islam too. All said with straight faces and misguided solemnity.

Predictably, security experts and Muslim spokesmen were rolled out by the media to provide further explanations for the indefensible. They claimed Muslims felt isolated and oppressed in France because of the ban on the burka. Furthermore, the poor sensitive souls are being oppressed by punitive, invasive security measures meant to protect citizens but unfortunately have a side-effect of demonizing Muslims. In other words, the finger of blame was pointed at France.

It’s as if only Muslims can be aggrieved because no other peoples are suffering! However, reality paints a different picture. There’s a rape epidemic being conducted by Muslims in Britain, Sweden and Norway. Christians are being persecuted by Muslims throughout the Middle East. Buddhists are fighting against the jihad in Myanmar. There’s the non-stop jihad waged by Hamas and Hezbollah against Israel financed by Western governments who have the audacity to lecture their people on the importance of unity in the face of terror.

Where are the outraged terrorists killing innocent Muslims in response to the persecution of their peoples? Where are the Serb terrorists slaughtering innocents from NATO countries in response to the criminal 78-day bombing of their citizens and the subsequent forced surrender of their sacred ground of Kosovo into Dar al Islam? What about Greek suicide bombers targeting Turks in response to Turkey’s illegal occupation of Cyprus?

I could mention many more people who have a right to be aggrieved but you get the point I’m sure.

The time has arrived for the West to learn a critical lesson: The objective of the Paris mujahideen – or any other soldiers of Allah – is NOT revenge for Syria or for some other conjured up slight. It is SOLELY to advance the cause of Islam until it is dominant in the land. The mujahideen know the way of life in the infidel West – referred to in Islam as Dar al Harb, the house of war – will continue to change as more and more exceptions and concessions are made for Islam. They also know more than anyone else that Western leaders and the media will continue to deceive their own people about the violent nature of the religion of peace.

It’s way past time for the people of the West to accept the inconvenient truth. Jihad is nothing to do with the actions of France or any other non-Islamic country and the actions of the despised infidels living there. It is everything to do with Islam.

Sadly the majority of people in the West are so welded to the Multicultural ideology they simply cannot bear to face this. Cowered into meek obedience by shrieking, demented, anti-West commissars who demonize opponents as hate-filled racists, they lap-up all of the excuses trotted out to justify atrocities committed by Muslims as if they’re nectar.

Hamstrung by their ignorance of Islam, the biggest excuse of all will be smugly regurgitated and deployed against those who dare to warn about the major threat Islam presents: All Muslims are not terrorists. Indeed, the hashtag #MuslimsAreNotTerrorist trended on Twitter. What more proof do you need that Islam really is a religion of peace!

There’s just one problem with this: Every Muslim – WITHOUT EXCEPTION – reveres the example of their prophet Muhammad. He was a man who waged murderous jihad against infidels and who stated: “I have been made victorious by terror.”

All Muslims may not be terrorists. But all Muslims regard a terrorist as a prophet. Any claims of “Not in my name” ring hollow. How on earth can Muslims who claim to oppose terrorism whilst worshipping a murdering terrorist who commanded Muslims to kill infidels be taken seriously? It beggars belief it really does.

Despite these inconvenient truths about Islam, Muslims are not to blame. Blaming jihadists for waging jihad is like blaming a dog for barking. They are merely orthodox Muslims who are obeying the commands of their Allah laid down in the Quran and emulating the “perfect example” of their prophet Muhammad who waged violent jihad against infidels.

Ultimately, the responsibility lies with European political leaders who made the grossly irresponsible decision to import Islam into their nations. Leaders such as the determined advocate of open borders, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and yes, the President of France, the Socialist François Hollande.

These leaders whose primary duty is to ensure the safety of their citizens deliberately placed their own people in danger, despite repeated acts of jihad and clear warnings from opposition leaders. Their irresponsible actions have led to a rape epidemic and now 129 people lie dead after the jihad in Paris.

It is suspected that two of the mujahideen were “refugees”. The elites who opened the borders and the naïve, self-aggrandizing pity junkies who welcomed refugees and smugly basked in an entirely false glow of saintly piety aren’t the ones who pay the price for such a stupid and irresponsible deed. Those who are responsible for opening the borders and inviting Islam into Europe have innocent blood on their hands. And everyone knows there will be a next time – no one knows where or when but it will come. There needs – desperately – to be accountability but that’s as scarce as peaceful Islam.

During the media saturation coverage following the jihad on Paris, one French leader was conspicuously absent: Marine Le Pen, leader of the Front National. She, along with other leaders such as Nigel Farage, Geert Wilders, Felip Dewinter, Tommy Robinson to name but four have been disgracefully smeared as “right-wing racists” for warning about the very real threat Islam presents. On Friday November 13th 2015, devout Muslims waging jihad for Allah proved them to be right all along. How foolish and inept do those who demonized them look now? They should all be deeply ashamed. Not that the self-serving wretches know the meaning of the word.

The more political charlatans and the duplicitous media insist Islam is a religion of peace, the more orthodox Muslims prove them wrong and reality delivers a hard kick in the groin, not to those responsible but to innocent people who are suffering the consequences of being enriched by the religion of peace.

By their continual refusal to acknowledge and address the serious threat of Islam, the elites simply dismiss these murdered citizens as expendables who can be sacrificed on the rainbow altar. Instead of responding to the threat, the elites claim the terrorists mustn’t be allowed to triumph by fermenting discord and disunity.

In other words, those who dare to tell the truth about Islam are actually the problem as they are helping the terrorists to achieve their goal of dividing Western society. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Raping women and children and blowing up innocent people doesn’t divide society. Telling the truth about the wicked ideology driving those horrors does.

Such a stance is a cowardly refusal to accept that governments ultimately bear the responsibility because they got it so badly wrong. Instead, the finger of blame is conveniently pointed at critics of Islam as if jihad would magically disappear if they would just kindly shut up! This denial of what Islam really is started after 9/11 and has continued since. What the heck will it take to bring it to an end?

It’s as if people believe jihad is some kind of recent phenomenon brought about by the actions of the evil West! Not so. History shows Islamic jihad began in 622 and has continued non-stop ever since and it was started by a murdering, raping jihadist who happens to be the revered prophet of the religion of peace. An exalted prophet who is regarded by ALL Muslims as the “ideal man, the perfect example.”

You want a motive for Paris and all of the other murderous acts of jihad waged by mujahideen all around the globe? It’s right there in plain view, firmly laid down in the “perfect example” of Muhammad. And it is his violent example that is curiously missing from all reports in the Western media and from all the trite speeches laden with lame clichés spewed out by incompetent politicians who place a childish failed ideology above reality and endanger their people.

Do you see the problem and do you see how ridiculous politicians and other apologists afflicted with bovine stupidity make themselves look when they say Islamic State is nothing to do with Islam? Because if ISIS has nothing to do with Islam then neither does Muhammad. Unless you believe he was a prophet who didn’t understand his own faith. Please seek urgent psychiatric help if you do.

Such a denial really is utterly absurd! It amounts to psychosis, a refusal to accept reality, choosing instead to pursue a mythical rainbow fusion where all peoples join hands singing kumbaya in a Multicolored Shangri-La.

The critical lesson of the Paris attacks must be learned: Jihad is core to Islam. Until the West recognizes that the motive for jihadists is to emulate the “perfect example” of Muhammad and make Islam dominant in the land, more murderous atrocities committed by devout Muslims WILL happen as surely as night follows day. Nowhere is safe and no one is safe from jihad. Whether it be bombings, shootings, beatings, gang rapes, sex trafficking or drugs, jihad is spreading like wildfire throughout the West. The suicidal insanity must end and the duplicitous politicians and lying media who aid and abet it must be held to account for their grossly irresponsible actions.

The French cherish their values of fraternity, equality and liberty but France can’t have Islam and these it’s one or the other. And Friday 13th November 2015 has to be the point where the French people and all people living in the infidel lands of the West face reality and learn the critical lesson of the Paris jihad.

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