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I am not much of a TV man, but lately, I have been working many hours and it seemed like a good idea to sit with my Most Guys Like a Pretty Cowgirl In A Man's Outfitsignificant other and watch a show. Surprise, surprise, the show was Bruce Jenner’s coming-out interview. I groaned inwardly, but knew I could rely on my ability to fall asleep in a few minutes.

I didn’t fall asleep. I was awake for the entire show.

Dianne Sawyer played her dramatic role as the caring Liberal interviewer with the predictable hushed tones and the typical sanctimonious expressions of caring and sympathy, while she cajoled Bruce into exposing the more intimate secrets of his life.

It was enlightening for me. I had always assumed a crossdresser was of one particular type of malfunction. A malfunction that women can play much more easily than men. We have all seen the woman who dresses like a man, nobody hardly notices; except, for those pretty cowgirls who wear men’s clothing and can fire-up an old man’s libido with fresh energy.

Bruce is an interesting case; because, he considers himself a heterosexual. He has always desired women, he has just wanted to dress as a woman, since he was six years old.

Now, you can roll your eyes and point out the malfunction of one of our greatest athletes, but if we all had the ability to modify parts of our brain, some of us would be busier than others. For instance, I have wanted to learn to spell “phenomenal” without spellchecker. It seems like a minor problem, but it has plagued me for decades. It’s also embarrassing, but I have learned to live with this peculiar problem.

Jenner’s problem is far deeper and more complex and there is no cure. A therapist won’t fix the problem, the best they can do is to help you cope with the problem, and even those coping mechanisms are dubious at best.

This may be a surprise to many of you, but Jenner is a Conservative. He didn’t say Republican: he said Conservative. Sawyer recoiled with revulsion and disbelief, when he admitted his political preferences. Sawyer made it obvious that his political persuasion was more distasteful than his desire to crossdress, before she recovered her composure, but she had to ask how he could be a Conservative under the circumstances. He handled himself well, under the scrutiny, much better than our politicians in Washington, as they try to explain how our government is used as a criminal enterprise and how our Republicans explain their roles as Obama enablers.

Now, my wife came away disgusted with the concept of a man wanting to be a woman, but I have sympathy for Jenner and the fact that he is a Conservative like me; his story made me wonder, how many others we turn away by being judgmental of those who are different. Jenner is off the charts different, he might be one out of a billion, but he hasn’t broken any laws and he has been a good father to six kids. There is a lot of love shown when he is with those grown kids, and that indicates the presence of a good man.

We need all the good men and women we can find, if we are going to end this crime syndicate that has replaced our government. If we are going to continue with the same liars, frauds, and hucksters in Washington, I suggest looking for alternative countries to live, because every criminal enterprise eventually collapses. We don’t need to point accusatory fingers at unfortunate people with good honest hearts, we need to be more understanding and welcome them to the Conservative community.

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